Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Conference

By the way thank you for the Carpet!!!! hahaha I love it and yes
stanley I loved standing on it. Last night I laid down and read Jesus
the Christ on it, pretending my whole body was on carpet haha I almost
fell asleep!! the things you learn to appreciate on mission. Nilla
waffers and pop tarts!!! wow!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Well im glad that you are home from Maui and everything is going well!! SOooo Austin proposed?! Quiz him hard dad! haha wow well its good to hear from home!  I guess it will be exciting to have Hannah there with two babies and then Lil coming. I made a prediction about Lilia though... She might remember it! If it makes you feel better about Christmas Decorations ive only seen one building with Christmas lights on it. Its great though because nights have been cold lately! well now its to my understanding of 'cold' since I cant remember what real cold is haha
A summer trip would be awesome!!! And that is a ridiculously hard decision! I guess id have to think about that! That would be so much fun. The only thing is that when would it be in the summer since I think I need to be at school in the spring.. I dont think a deferment for another one would be allowed since I deferred for over 2 years already..
Well this week was a crazy week.. Not as much teaching as I wished but ohh well. In the apartment we have a Branch Missionary since we dont have enough Elders right now, this morning he came up to me and told me how much he admired me and he admired me the most because the example I set and how I can lead. He said for me to keep it up since it makes him the happiest to see me and how I conduct myself. It definitely made me feel good since this week was one of the hardest weeks ive had on mission so it really lifted me up. Missionary work is great haha I love the calling ive been given as a Zone Leader since ive been able to have more work and be able to lead and help direct the work. One great experience was tuesday when we contacted six families in a row, each having at least six children. No small thing-o. Also I taught a German man!! I taught a white man!!!!!!!! So weird haha white people... Sorry for you-o to teach white people all day. 

To be learned is great but to be humble is more valuable. We teach really war torn people, I see people my age that were the war children, who have gone crazy because the drugs given to them and the people they killed during the war. Not to say that to make you see the sad things I see but to show that these people still see the affects of the war in day to day life and so they are so submissive to the things you teach them. Anyway, its been great to work with them. If I dont get a white companion this next transfer then a will officially have had no white companions for my first year on mission. Most likely I wont have a white Elder since there are only 3 others that are zone leaders.
Alright ill be teaching now.. Crazy we will be able to talk on the phone so soon!!!!!! Please dont make fun of me too much for how I speak!

Elder Dahlin

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yeah Hello!!

How is Maui treating you?? getting more tan than me? haha I hope you are having so much Ahi for me.. I want Ahi! lucky :) How are Grandma, Sophia, and Stanley doing?

Soo today im really excited to workout but we are out and about so when I get back to the apartment I will do back and shoulders. Ive made such a nice routine for this past month which has really helped burn a lot of fat. A lot of missionaries say they will start to workout the second year of mission which is a bad idea! For me everything has gone well this week. We baptized a girl named Finda. She is 24 and has 4 children and lives alone. To see her baptize was so great. 

This week also a man came to the apartment and hooked up our decorative sink to actually work!!! Its the first time ive had a working sink in the bathroom since ive been on mission. The first time I used it I checked about 5 times to make sure water wasnt just spilling on the floor. So cool to have a sink but sometimes I forget haha. 

Once again in my zone a zone member went home because of sickness! Lame. Its the second one! I guess I need to leave this zone haha. We live in the new georgia branch building and some members have said "ohh youre back?!" or "I thought you already left!" yeah ive stayed in this area for some time now. Maybe I will leave this transfer which happens on the 22nd. I love this branch but theyve been telling me I need to go since ive been here for 5 transfers already. Anyway so the man that replaced the Nigerian who went home is Brother Kellie a branch missionary. Hes great and from Sierra Leone. Also the last missionary who ever had a border exchange from Sierra Leone to Liberia is going home this month :( Now its just Liberia missionaries here. 

If im able to get on a computer that can send pictures I will send a few! I love you guys and hope everything is going great at home and in Maui.

Elder Dahlin


Seems like youre having a blast in a Maui once again! I like the pictures and it seems like mom has gotten a little younger?? hahaha good stuff. Im sure you will be getting dark which makes me sad even though im in the sun all day I just get a big farmers tan. Maybe ill have to go to Maui again one day... cough cough :)

Well this was a good week. I hope it has been a good week for grandma and the kids! We didnt really celebrate Thanksgiving but thats alright. Liberia celebrates it on the first Thursday of November. What got me excited though was to be in the month of December!! I guess I cant really sing "im dreaming of a white Christmas" or "Ill be home for Christmas, you can count on me".. It doesnt really work at the moment. Its getting to be dry season so lots of sweating again. 

For a while the coconuts havent been the best but they are seeming to get good again. Ive been trying to eat one every day and im trying to stay fit.. Even though we eat rice every night but I still try to do my few sets of 50 push ups every day. 

Teaching this week was great. We went on splits and I went with one less active priesthood holder. A few we have been taking to teach with us came to church yesterday which was great! The one I went with is named O Carter .. Which makes me miss Disneyland and want to watch John Carter.. His older brother who has been a member his whole life too has 3 children already and for him his friends always pressure him to born a child. I am so happy that he hasnt because I am really trying to help him to go on mission and get out of Liberia. Not a good place to be.. Its great and all but lots of sin. So we try to take him as often as possible to teach with us and fellowship our investigators. Him and his brother and father (Elders Quorum President) work in a shop and make pots and lids for cooking rice. One Pday we are going there to make one because its metal work and I miss that. 

Anyway work has been good. Im sorry not as many pictures since we are not allowed to take our cameras  proselyting ever. Maybe next monday I will go and take some pictures. 

I hope you have a great week and dont get too tan! I will have to see some pictures! Are you able to get Coconuts easy? 

Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Big

Good Example

The man on the right is Thomas.
 Kicked out of his house, Sleeping with a friend, has no food or money.. Still goes out with the missionaries all day every day. When they dont get FM he doesnt eat.. Is preparing to serve a mission. This is someone that strengthens my testimony. He has never heard of an elevator or washing machine or vacuum. The most polite guy you will meet. And one other thing is im the second white person hes ever talked to haha Crazy

Sorry for no email last week. Maybe it wasnt as eventful which means I think this time I have a few more things to say! Sounds like some crazy things are happening at church lately. Just remember that some things the Lord has asked us to focus on and one of them truly is speeding up the work of salvation. Meaning lots of effort into ward mission leaders and missionary work. The members might feel neglected small but we need to work together for the work. It is all about work for others.  Thank you for sending a box!! I always get excited for them and so does the apartment, if I want to share.. pshh haha just kidding :)
So great. This week was District conference and it was an awesome experience. We got to sleep at the mission office which was my first time and I realized how awesome where Elder Skouson and Pentreath live is!! we slept there because traffic could have made us late to get home and we would have had to wake up very early to travel for it so it was easier to sleep there. We all taught in the APs area and they gave Elder Orton and I a man that was really drunk that had just been baptized. I told him next time to trunk it on the wall or the floor next time he got alcohol. We told him we loved him and invited him to pray for strength, right when we said that he got on the floor and started praying! so we had to rush and join him haha good stuff. He came to church the next day though :) When we were listening to President Kirkham speak to all the Recent converts it was awesome because he said, "All you weak ones stand up" He meant the missionaries haha President is great. He really can speak so well and teach amazing principles, Along with Elder Curtis, The Africa West President. It was great to be able to hear him speak because he is very enthusiastic.
Anyway one great thing I was that over 100 men received the Priesthood. It was great because my Recent converts in this area and my last stood along with everyone else to be sustained. I did not get to see my Converts in my last area because they are in a different District but Elder Pentreath told be about Brother Kamara. We baptized him right before I left and now he is the Branch Mission Leader!! Mann it was so great to hear that. The man I taught as a missionary is now leading the missionaries in their efforts with the branch. Missionary work is so sweet. One the other hand my branch mission leader in my branch thinks he is a missionary and trys to tell us what to do. I could go off and what happened this week with him but basically I yelled at him and hopefully he understands. Maybe its about time I switch areas haha
Everything is going great though and ive really learned a lot. I am so happy that our zone is doing so well. Our key indicators are the best in the mission which makes me proud of all the missionaries. I will send a few pictures of this week!!

I love you
Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Daddio,
Life in the bush is sweet. Just having fun teaching the gospel. Lately we have been teaching a few families which are great. One culture of this mission is that we invite to be baptized on the first visit and its been great to see how willing people are to accept the gospel.

San Fran sounds like a lot of fun, especially having hot chocolate. All they have here is some stuff with nutrition in it. I would love to see a blade! That  would be fun if you learned how to do damascus so that when I get home we could make some crazy ones.

 I know a few people that can get me big water snakes so I will buy one and take it home and cook it one day when they catch me one. People dont like the idea of eating snake? Anyway this was a good week.  Long suffering is a good attribute to have haha. Alright dad I hope everything is going well.  Love you dad.

Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Frisky American" says Eli's companion who carries him over water because of old boots!

Im freaking out right now! Manchester England!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.. SO CRAZY!!!! well thats just awesome mann,. and yeah other missionaries, cool stuff.. haha
Well now im thinking about that haha but seminary is a hard one for everyone to feel the spirit. My only advice I can give is just a part of Preach My Gospel that I know works, is asking inspired questions. I always hated asking Liberians some questions because they would go off and talk too much but when I learned how to control is and know even better questions to ask the lesson became less about me teaching and letting them take in as much as possible. Lessons would be different but it was great because you get to know them on a more spiritual level.
And yes I plan to come to Africa to hunt! I was thinking if I wanted to end up farming I would possibly do business with him too! 

So this week was an interesting week. Not an easy one but so rewarding. On thursday we had a leadership training we had to go to and a service project and a church activity so it was a full day of traveling and running around. Not only did the bike men burn the bus but other vehicles and they also beat some cops up too so they police have really enforced that no bike is allowed on the main roads.... 

So our leadership training was in a new chapel in congo town so none of us had been there before. Traveling was so bad and you have to fight your way in a taxi and so its near impossible to find seats for 3 Elders in one taxi. When we got transport we passed the place. We ended up finding it but showing up late. Afterwards I laughed though because all that was going through my head was "WHERE IS 60B!!" I forget the movie name. Hannah will know haha so crazy. 

Then on saturday we had a meeting with the District presidency again and all we did that whole day was go to one meeting because traffic was so bad.. Anywas we had some great lessons and some less actives we taught ended up coming to church!

 Im really excited for christmas even though transfer news happens on the 22nd so that means for christmas I could be with completely new people. We just got transfer news and so I am staying which means by the end of this one ill have been in this area for 7 months. 

Not to be asking for  things but my watch broke about about 5 months ago... Not that a watch is important but if you happen to send a package I would love a watch. Just a cheap watch. Also if you want to send the trans siberian orchestra of their christmas music I wouldnt mind either!
Mom I think a few weeks ago you asked if there were still mosquitoes here. There are always a good amount especially where I live and we always sleep under nets. Can you imagine sleeping outside of a net! that would be so cool. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 4, 2013

How is everything?? Seems like there are some fun projects going on at home! I feel like you are just about to experience summer but that already happened... OHH and I remembered that there were birthdays that I missed!!! LILIA Harley and HANNAHs birthdays! Happy Birthday!!!!! Thank you lilia for the letter!!!! so awesome haha.
I just read Jennies email small and thats so crazy, Awesome Miracles and its just different to think about the different missions we are on. Our mission president tells us to focus on families because everyone wants to here the gospel and investigate but first we are building the branches.

 I'll give a story that happened Thursday to show how much different it is.. So on Tuesday there was an accident in my area where a yellow school bus hit a motorbike rider and killed him, so the motorbike riders burned the bus.. Now the police have been arresting bike men and taking their bikes so on Thursday we were teaching a man named Moses. At the beginning like 20 bike men rode past quick then 3 trucks full of police chased after them. It caused plenty noise but brought out a bunch of people out of there buildings and brought them over to us. Within about 5 minutes of starting the lesson there were about 13 men listening to us asking question and a bunch of others in the distance listening to us teach and answer questions haha they finished all of our pamphlets. 

The lesson before that one was so great too.. It was one man that said this is what he has been waiting for, the best part of it was that it was IN a house AND... There was CARPET!!!!! The first time ive felt carpet in Liberia.. I really wanted to lay down on it but im sure that wouldnt have been a good idea haha Ohh Carpet... Long time-o!

 On sunday we had 6 awesome investigators come to church that are all Priesthood age which is perfect since our goal is to split the branch and bring one to our area. Another great thing that happened this week was part of my Blessing being fulfilled. We were talking to the Zeahn family yesterday and they said I know two white men that can work super hard, Elder Dahlin and Elder Applebee. Elder Applebee is from Australia and returned home over a year ago and that family has seen so many white missionaries. It really made me happy to hear someone say that I could work harder than any other Elder they know. Not that that is true but its good to know im not lazy haha
Mission council was great. We learned a lot about the things we need to be doing as zone leaders and the example we need to set. It is great to work along with President and to hear his goals and to just know them. They really remind me of you guys and so I always love to be around them. He has set some great standards to live by and to become and im excited to transform our area into an area that he wants it to be.
Alright well I love you guys and am glad to hear about home. Make sure to go swimming for me.. :( I will learn how to cook some Liberian dishes so when I get home you all WILL eat them.

Elder Dahlin

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey mom!
haha so Elder Nabende and Elder Myaka read your first paragraph and laughed a lot! My companion is the one thats frisky!
The box you sent me was amazing. I havent opened the Milk yet but I know it tastes good. Thank you! I like to get that because every month I buy at least one of those.  I am using everything and am happy for the crazy amount of memory you gave me! Elder Poulson has like 8 gigs of all disney music so now im going to take it all! First things first I have to listen to "This is Halloween" from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". Sophia knows whats up. I hope she is blasting the whole cd! Im still eating grandmas box she gave me and it gave me a taste of Halloween! An Elder suggested pop tarts if she happen to send another one for christmas. Cough Cough.. Only the Cinnamon ones of course. :) 

Thats awesome you got an invite to the knife show!! You will have to take pictures of them so we can make them when I get home. You guys and your Iphones :( lucky! For me I did get a new camera and its nice, It is the newer model of the canon but I got it "used" for cheaper. I havent sent pictures for a while because the emailing place has not had power so we have had to use another one that doesnt allow it.
Each missionary gets to email President every week. A few things have happened that are crazy in our zone. We had an emergency transfer and we got one more white man here named Elder Orton. Then the man Elder Kairu that I said was my favorite was sent home to Uganda for medical reasons.I will miss that guy. Maybe he will call the house some time soon if they allow him to be released for small time. He gave me his Uganda jersey which means I guess im going to be playing a lot more football and representing Uganda.
I sent a letter this last week about how my weeks are going. The work has become a lot crazier and this has been the fastest transfer ive had on mission. I was very excited to have zero other lessons and all member presents this week. Plenty work! Just working hard and enjoying it. My companion is crazy but im happy to have  a companion that is not young on mission. We have had some intense lessons teaching people the gospel. This week we have Mission council where all zone leader come and hear from the APs and President so that will be fun. Not that im getting fat or anything but having an American sandwich is one of the best parts of the meeting. haha not fat.. Alright well I love you guys and im always happy to hear from home. I will ask Elder Skouson about Natalies man! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

yeah hello!
Wow, some fun emails today! haha Some things that are written its very hard not to laugh because I can just picture you all saying it. I loved grandmas email and yeah her package was awesome! I got my package from the family just now so im excited to open it! Ive seen it for a few days but on saturday we went to town and went on a one hour exchange with the APs and then went to the District Presidency meeting so we were not able to come back in time to pick it up.
Sounds like some fun things are going on at home! IPHONES!!! I miss my iphone haha You will love it when you get used to the texting mom. Then you will never want to go back to texting with buttons. Thats sad about the Malaria thing... It seems like I just read an article from Jeffery R Holland saying sickness is most often a result from disobedience.. sorry yeah haha I will try my best to stay healthy! ;)
Well this week was not too crazy. Just saturday was a crazy day going back in forth in town. Im really learning to love all of these people. Especially the missionaries I serve with. We had an unexpected transfer that took Elder Maurana out of our zone and that was sad.. Now we have another white man.. ohh well! Hes good. Elder Kairu is my favorite mann in our apartment and there was a chance for him to leave and he chose to stay which I was happy for. Hes my grandson on mission. My great grandson is from Ghana and hes doing really well. 

One thing that ive been working on this week has been my scriptures. I understand now why there is no way a returned missionary would give away his scriptures.. They become awesome and you cant read anyone elses. 

So my boots have been spoiled for over a month and its fun to proselyte where there is water, because I make my companion carry me across it haha I dont think he likes that one too much but its the end of rainy season and id rather not get new boots. My companion always calls me a Frisky American, this is my second South African companion and hes fun.
Well Its been a lot of fun lately. I hope that every Pday I will be able to play volleyball so I can get good at it. I hope everything is going great at home still and that stanley and Marvin are able to help around the house. I love you!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

yeah hello!

Sounds like everything is going great at home!! Ping ping sounds like
fun. Its getting to dry season now so Im sure yall will have fun while
its getting cold! wish I could help with bringing in fire wood.

I was able to watch the Priesthood session and Sunday session of
general conference :) it was awesome! It was sad to hear about
President Monson talking about his wife.. The day before though sister
Howa called me. She is my recent convert and right now we are teaching
her mom. She called crying saying her dad died that day. On sunday we
were able to go there and talk to them both and help them understand
the plan of salvation and even the experience of President Thomas S.
Monson. I think the church came into their lives at the right time.
Its funny the little brothers all call me "Uncle Daddy". haha no no
not Darlin or Daddy but Dahlin! We will really try to bring them close
to the church.

Yeah the Aps have small time to teach people but as a zone leader you
have less time but still enough to teach a good amount. This last week
we only taught 19 lessons I think but its been pretty busy. Mainly our
duties is to look after the needs of the branches we are over and to
teach and direct the work in our zone. Which means to teach Leadership
trainings and Zone meetings and having meeting with the District
presidency.  Friday we went on an exchange with the APs and I took
Elder Skouson into my area and my companion (Elder Myaka) took Elder
Pentreath to another side. It was a lot of fun teaching with him.
Maybe after the mission we will all have to go to hawaii together...?
haha or just come over to our house.

I got the box grandma sent!!! When I saw the milk I really sat at my
desk and drank one for like 5 minutes... Milk is probably one of the
hardest things ive had to give up... Thank you grandma! I am sharing
everything! Except the milk and Nilla waffers.... haha

Thank you for telling me so much about home! its always good to hear
the projects there are getting done and how crazy it is when time
flies. Sophia wants to marry Devon and Natalie is probably going to
get married by the time I get home! "that no small thing-o".

 For mewhat happened this week is something that has never happened on
mission so far. I cant imagine serving somewhere else in the world...
On wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Maurana in his area and
we went contacting at the end of the day. We went up to a man reading
a book and tried to talk to him. He told us hes been a roman catholic
for his whole life and he didnt want to hear what we had to say. I was
kind of taken back.. "are you sure?" It was weird to hear someone not
want to listen to us. I asked if we could leave something to read and
he said no way. As we were walking away I told him this could only
bless your life... haha He said "do you not understand the meaning of
G-O" and then started yelling. I guess it happens a lot in other
countries but that was my first time. 

Another thing that happenedwhile I was on that exchange happened to my companion. He met a muslim
that lived in Sierra Leone but was prompted to leave and become a
Christian. He hadnt been in Liberia for over a week when he felt he
needed to come to the exact spot where he was contacting.. So cool
haha Ohh the work is sweet.
Alright I love you and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, September 30, 2013

The answer to what are red and green scriptures ????

They are my favorite! they come from scriptures about war and defending families and just the best scriptures that I usually dont need to show investigators. My scriptures are becoming such weapons its crazy. Alright my time is up. I love you mom. Have a great week. I hope you know im doing well and am so grateful for this chance ive been given to serve a mission.

"small small" "yeah-o" "how di day?"

Hey mom!!!
How you coming on? how di day? the day alright? Im coming on small small. haha just kidding :) Thats some of our language for you. Im glad to here all about home and the dogs. I would love to jump in a pool... haha

 The conference with Elder Vinson was so great. The APs talked then President and his wife then Elder Vinson and his wife too. So it was a long conference and everyone was very hungry. Its crazy how much rice you can eat in Liberia. It is also really nice to get some meat in a meal haha. 

Thats awesome that you read Elder Skousons blog because I think they look at mine too! It would be awesome to hangout with him after the mission. We had that feeling that maybe we would be companions one day.. 

We got transfer news and Elder Skouson is our new AP and now I am a Zone Leader! I felt like so much stress was lifted off my back but at the same time Zone Leaders have a lot more responsibility. District Leader you are the only one in an apartment, a Zone Leader has a companion that is a Zone Leader too so you can do all the work and give instruction at meeting and stuff. I am staying in my area which is so awesome because my zone is going to be split into two more branches so there is so much potential and work here to be done. So yeah my new calling. It no small thing-o! My second son is going to caldwell with a new companion so im sure he will do great. My first son is leaving to become companions with my father! and my sons son is going to have a son... hahaha so my lineage on mission is getting bigger! Im a great grandpa!
Teaching this week has been great. I love working hard and we baptized an old man saturday, Brother Kamara, who walked about 3 miles to come and be baptized. He is crazy happy and was very happy I wasnt leaving this transfer. I had said that this felt like my home on mission so I feel like I will stay a few more transfers here. I felt bad because Elder Falemai was saying he was going to miss this place and some families and I was very excited.. haha
Anyway im glad everything is going great at home and Im glad dad had a safe ride to Reno. About the SEALs and Texas A&M I am planning on working right when I get home then getting my associates at BYU-I then moving to Texas for it. So it would be two years at A&M. Another thing is im sorry I always think of things after you send a package.. but I would love a book called "A Day of Defense" and the life and teaching of the prophet Joseph Smith. I would love to be able to read every book about the gospel on my mission. I am so glad we have so many hours at night to be able to read. The sad thing about being a Zone Leader is that I travel a lot more into town. So I am going to really learn how to budget the $140 of sub with at least $50 of that for travel.. haha 

Alright well I should go. I am happy to email today :) My new companion is black, I dont think I will ever get a white companion haha ! Have a great week! I miss you and do miss all the talks that we had. I feel like letters I write help to show how im feeling so I will be writing more letters! love you!!
Elias Dahlin

Monday, September 23, 2013

(red and green? what does that mean? anyone?)

Hey mom!!!
Today we have shorter time on the computers but I will say hopefully everything I want to say. President Kirkham gave this scripture to help in missionary work. Alma 26:22, See if it helps. 

 It seems like an awesome vent dad put in Stanleys room! I hope its nice and keeps the heats down. Good thing I didnt have that otherwise I'd be less prepared for the heat of Africa haha.
So my area is doing great! Just lots of people that havent been serious lately but we have found a lot of good people that will be baptized. All my candidates have a problem with the law of Chastity though.. This one guy I almost hurt because he left his wife for 2 weeks without telling her where he was going. Brotherly love... haha yeah some things are crazy here always but you get past it. 

I have realized that the SEALs really is something that I want.. I know im focused on the mission but I have been given so much revelation on the things I should be doing. I think that I will continue with Mechanical Engineering and Minor in business because it would be awesome to farm in Texas. I will have to ask Hunter on some thoughts on that one. Who knows, but I would love to know the prerequisites for Texas A&M and their SEAL program. 

The couples just came and inspected our celestial apartment this morning and saw my snail shells and they want me to buy more for them haha 

Something else ive realized lately is that my favorite scriptures are always red and green. I think that christmas is my favorite time of year... which seems so close to me so im kind of excited for that. I feel like on a lot of missions they say the first 6 months you dont feel like you're making much of a difference. I feel like my whole mission has flown by and there is a difference more so in me than anything else. Having said that, I have learned a lot lately about being a leader and how to manage that. There have been a few very mad times lately but I have learned how to relay my message and what I feel to be important in a better and more caring way. Especially with my first son we have had some hard conversations but we really have learned a lot from one another. I do serve with some great missionaries and I hope that my companion Elder Falemai learns the things he needs to know. Hes a soft guy but hes learning small small. haha

 I hope that everything at home just keeps getting better and I hope all of the family shows the Love that is needed. Love,
Eli Dahlin

Monday, September 16, 2013

mission life

So saturday we did an awesome service project with all the members in Liberia. Mormon helping hands. We walked the street and cut the grass with cutlaces and swept it all. It was a lot of fun and lots of good work. I miss working hard like that :( We cleaned up in front of the Presidents house too which is kind of cool.. This week has been great just working hard.

 Im not sure what transfer news is going to be like but if I leave this area I want to finish all my work here so im working on setting it up well for the next missionary. I might stay though but we will see! Its weird to realize youre getting older.. Its just fun to look back and see all the things you have been able to change and the person that im becoming. Mission life is sweet and not easy. I definitely have a new respect for returned missionaries if they put their all into it.

 About three months ago I baptized this girl named A****, I think shes sixteen years old and every other day I would go to the Z**** families house and teach there. The Z*** are my family in this area and I love them and consider A**** to be like Sophia. Just an awesome little sister. Just a few weeks after I baptized her an old guy paid for her to be married to him.. So she was taken from the family and was married at the age of 16.. I say this because I went to the Z*** yesterday and saw here there. It was really hard to hold it in because all I wanted to do was cry like a baby. I gave here a blessing and stayed for a little while and then she had to go back. 

Sorry im saying this but I guess mission life gets more personal the older you get. Ive learned a lot and have learned to care more about people. These people have a long way to go but its great to help them on that way.

 I love you all and Im grateful for our family and how blessed we are. If theres one word of advice I guess I could give it would be to always make the effort to show you care about each person. Not anything new but sometimes we can get caught up in the things we are working on and forget those around us.
Alright I hope you have a great week and stay safe! love you all!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh Africa ...

I ate dog this week and I cooked snail. I breaded the snail 

The dog was actually.... really really delicious... haha and the snail was pretty good too!!!

Snail alive, snail cooked, dog head (gross)

hi mom!
wow a lot of different things are happening at home. 

Here it doesnt seem like things are going according to plan .. My camera was stolen with my card which only had room to take like 4 more pictures.. So one third of my mission pictures are gone.. I know I could get a camera here but the bummer is the pictures, and it was a nice camera! so all the pictures ive sent you if you could save all of them id love that. I usually send you all the good ones. I used Elder Andersons camera to send a few pictures of what I ate this week.

 I hope grandma and grandpa are doing alright, I will of course keep them in my prayers. Its always good to fast for those blessings to come. We all can be blinded by anything in this life so its always important to follow all of Gods commandments so that we can see past it. 

Im glad you like the pictures I send! Its crazy natalie is in France! I havent talked to her for a long time and hunter either. Ive emailed him a few times but its been a few months since he has written back. If hes not alright I wont be happy!! Tell that man he needs to email me once in a while so I know hes still alive. I think nathaniel is joining the marines or something but I havent heard from him either? who is nate dating?

 I like my glasses haha its funny because I always ask people how old they think I am and they always say around 30 to 25 and I wore my glasses friday and a girl said I looked 16 or 17 haha so they do make me look small. 

The pictures I sent are a little crazy. Elder Anderson tried to pull a prank on me and put a dogs head on my desk haha that probably should be something I should be grossed out about haha. Well Elder Kamara (my MTC mate) bought dog and so we ate dog. The other picture is of two snails that I bought and cooked. I wanted to try it and so I breaded it. It tasted kind of like abalone.. The next day I got a free meal with snail in it too haha not bad. so other than that nothing too special happened. Just working hard and wondering what will happen this transfer.

 I love you 
Elder Dahlin (your son)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hey mom!! 

I am very jealous you of your marshmallows and it seems like in the background of one of the pictures you had made cookies.. The thing I want the most though is REAL milk! have you ever tried powdered milk?? Thats all Ive had for 7 months and its not the best.. I would pay a lot to drink some milk haha

 im glad Marvin is trying  Its probably pretty crazy to be put in a completely different culture. 

 I usually see President every week because we are always baptizing people in my district that need him to interview them.. So usually once a week he comes to visit. The service project I sent pictures of was awesome. We did it again on friday except this time we had the whole zone of over 20 missionaries come. The bags we are carrying are full of saw dust. We would fill them and then carry them to a few members and investigators houses. The houses you buy a Lot of water then you have to fill the Lot with dirt. Its next to a river so sometimes it gets flooded and the saw dust helps them not sink in the dirt. It was an awesome service project and its fun to get dirty and work hard. The mill we got the saw dust from made me miss home and farming...

 My district is doing really well. I took Elder kamara on an exchange to my area and it was great to see my MTC and how great hes doing! On sundays we come in a little earlier so we can send our numbers in and yesterday I had a little devotional with them. Each person told a spiritual experience that would benefit each on of us and it was a great experience. So I found a scripture that was making fun of Elder Anderson but It sounds pretty funny. It would have been funny to have this on my plaque: Alma 10:4 haha good one. 

You asked what I wanted in my package, Im not sure what you meant by a folder? but I definitely need Memory cards or at least one big one. I want to be able to take pictures. If you cant send a big knife a small one would be nice, just a pocket knife. Ive been running around all week.. 

Monday I went to sinkor (town) tuesday I had an exchange with the zone leaders, wednesday we went and got our subsistance so back to town, thursday I had leadership training for zone leaders and district leader, friday we had a zone service project, and saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Kamara. Its been a busy week and I actually took a nap today.. haha Anyway I love exchanges and all that good stuff. I will talk to you next week! I hope everything stays great at home!

Elder Dahlin

Monday, August 26, 2013

We will go and do



We killed a chicken and now I know how to eat it... You eat EVERYTHING

i need some stuff

Hey mom!
Alirhgt so before I talk about the week I will say the things that I think I need... Well I received the package from grandma and it was awesome!! Even though the rats ate the whole package so they put it in a different box for me haha I really love the hand sanitizer and wet ones, The soap was great but I have that exact soap here that I can get so I dont need that. Thank you for the contact solution!!! so awesome. 

So there are a few things ive needed and wanted since ive been here and so here is my list of things that I really do want. I would love a few memory cards... mine is full already. I could really us some jack3d so I can feel better working out and it would be just really nice to have. I need a big knife that I can cut my coconuts open with since I might be sent to the bush and I eat a coconut every day. A pocket knife would be perfect too since I always have a situation to us one.. My line of priesthood authority would be awesome! 

and I dont have any plain shirts that I can just wear around and in the apartment. So I would love a few plain t-shirts and v-necks. please not Large shirts but medium. Alright... Sorry if that is a big list and very specific.. But ive wanted all of that for a while and now these are the things I want.. Of course more candy from my awesome grandma too... haha
So im just still amazed that you have an exchange student! what has happened since ive been gone! only 7 months... haha Well dont kill him and try not to overwhelm him...

So this week was a crazy week. Not too much happened but there are always crazy things going on in Liberia. My MTC is in my apartment now! Elder Kamara is awesome and its cool to see how much he has grown and how happy the gospel has made him. Its cool to see missionaries you are growning up with progress. I want to learn more! it never ends haha So yes Im still eating a coconut every day and its awesome. How expensive are they at home? I get one for 25LD haha I will send you pictures of us doing a service project this time and of my district. I am still training Elder Falemai and have been really trying to help him in his language.. "it not easy-o!" the language here is bad and so its hard to learn good english! 

haha well I love you all and I hope you are having fun with German mann. Tell him hes my brother and he can email any time.
Elder Dahlin

Monday, August 19, 2013

New washing machines for the missionaries!!

Where have these been??

Post from the Senior Missionaries.

On Wednesday as I walked into the office I was greeted by 2 Royal Liberian Mail employee's asking me why I had not been to pick up our packages.  I told them that Brother Sayon went 2-3 times a week.  They then gave me a bag of 22 packages for missionaries!  They informed me that they could not store them and that we needed to pick them up more often.  When Brother Sayon got to the office he said that he had gotten a call saying that there were packages for the missionaries.  On Thursday he went to the post office to see what had happened.  He was given another 22 packages!!!  These were packages from June, July and August.  Some of them had been eaten into by rats and mice and others were fine.  There was one package that was so badly eaten we  had to open (what was left of the box) and transfer the contents into another box.  The only thing that had been eaten (besides the box) was a whole package of Twizzlers - we have discriminating rats at the post office!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My "Son"

Hey everyone,
Well what a crazy week. Ashley got married which is crazy awesome! Karley died.. thats just crazy. I mean there are people here that die but yeah I hungout with Karley. Wow I hope her family is doing alright.
This week not much happened really. Just working on using my time better and thats going good. hmmm... yeah nothing new haha I love the pictures you have sent me! maybe this week I will just send some pictures. I love you all.
Elder Dahlin

Monday, August 5, 2013

Well it seems like a lot is still going on at home! I love the chances I get to work and workout so I wish I was able to help on the backyard. President Kirkham has told me that he has them but im not sure if my glasses are unpacked yet. I got the soccer ball thank you! Lil told me about the book fearless and I would love to read it. Im not sure if you are writing down these things that I need to see and do and shoot for when I get home so should I start writing them?? Yeah giving talks on the spot is not the as big of a thing for me anymore. It seems like every sunday they give me a manual when the class has already started and then they ask me to teach it haha good stuff. Marriage is a good topic! good deep doctrine in D&C 131.
So lately its been a lot of fun with the food im eating. Elder Anderson and I have been pitching in and buying good stuff to eat. We have granola, pancakes, pb and js and of course always eggs. 2 bananas, 1 coconut, and 1 avocado everyday :) Good stuff. 

The baptisms went really well saturday. Only one wasnt baptized because he was late. So another thing that happened this week.... The Elders have been saying that my hair is black!!! noooo its brown! haha I really feel like dad right now when we told him his hair is black... Im still not accepting it. 

Just so everyone has a heads up about the Dear Elder you can now pick Liberia because its an official mission.

 I have to tell you about one lesson that I had this week that really taught me how important it is to listen. So this girl is about 21 years old and her name is Grace. So Grace knows the church is true agreed to be baptized but told us she wasnt ready. We had no idea why and all of the sudden she stopped coming to church. We started focusing on her little sister because she really wants to be baptized. One day we caught grace without her group of sisters so we had a lesson with her. I told her that her sister was getting baptized and then told her the blessings of baptism and how we wanted that for her too. I invited her to baptism again and she agreed but not for this next week. After she said that there were a few pauses for at least two minutes. My companion started looking at me probably wondering why I wasnt saying anything. The spirit was so strong and it was just listening silently to know why and what was making her push it. The answer was so strong and so crazy it definitely caught me off guard. I said "There are two reasons why you are hesitant. One, you are scared of the water. Two, youre pregnant..." It was such a spiritual experience and we were able to teach about forgiveness and it really did strengthen my testimony of forgiveness. Crazy and awesome how the Lord loves each one of us. Anyway, its awesone and ill send you a few pictures. I love you all!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Liberia Mission (Where's Waldo?)

Ate it brains and all ...

First Chicken Head

it sounds like so much is going on at home!! I forgot about Ashley getting married!! you have to send me pictures of that :( Well thank you for telling me everything. Even if I forget to reply to a few things I love hearing about them. 

Its funny that you say I shouldn't forget to really listen. That was all my district meeting was about this week and ive been focusing on that with my companion. He is really bad at English so President told us to do an extra hour of language study! so that means almost 3 hours of companion study every day!! crazy but it will be so good for us. 

So nothing too exciting this week but just a lot of contacting. We are baptizing all our investigators soon so we have been finding more people. I love teaching a first lesson and inviting to baptism, it really shows the power of the Holy Ghost. That is part of the culture of this mission to invite every time on the first visit. So this saturday we are baptizing this family which is awesome! First real family! 

So Elder Anderson and I started working out together which will be sweet. Its because this lady makes muffins every day and we eat too many... SO we are making a muffin challenge, where if you dont do the workout you cant have a muffin.. hahaha so fat. Its fun to get age on mission because I already have a grandson!

 Ive been meaning to ask a question, Is it good to have a coconut everyday? I have a coconut every day and sometimes I eat avocados.. I am getting better at budgeting my money so that I can be healthier.. anyway its all fun. Everything at home seems crazy and awesome. Dont get sick! I love you all!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mom and Dad,

I always think about you both and what you have shown me over the years. You raised me to be the person to lift others up. To be self reliant and to be able to know the way because thats how it is. For me now as a person I can see a new situation and make a judgment call that is good and hopefully righteous. Ive learned there is not much you need in life, actually there is not a need in the world besides your family. What makes it fun is when I was reading my scriptures last night I started to pass out. Elder Anderson said "you look like my dad" and I said this is exactly what my dad does too! without thinking haha So what im trying to say is that have taken in the things I have been taught my whole life and now ive been able to apply them. Thank you for teaching me in the right way, so that im not a 2 peter 2:16. I see it how it is and I am proud to become like my parents. I want a lot in life and now I can see how to overcome some trials. 

What was great was teaching yesterday. I was teaching (because my son cant speak or understand at all) and sister rose asked us to pray for her while she was traveling. I gave her a scripture that told her that I am always praying for her. I realize that is very true, I care about these people and I care about everyone at home. Even though Im far away nothing has changed in that aspect. Maybe it has changed in the sense that ive realized I care but I always have. Its just fun to learn and grow. The missionaries in my district might not think I care right now since ive had to chastise so much but I guess thats the way I am telling them I love them. The day always is better when you serve another. 

So this week we did have a service project and it was awesome. We helped wheel dirt onto an island so he could have a garden. After the project the wife cooked some breadfruit and there was a yellow substance next to it. I asked "whats thats??"... It was margarine!!!! I forgot what that looked like!!! ohh mann Im going to be weird when I come home haha im so glad to have some Americans in the apartment... So another weird thing is that I learned how to solve a rubiks cube this week and now I can solve it within 5 minutes every time haha so I would love a rubiks cube.... :) And I want to have crazy workouts on mondays!   Alright well I love you both and I am happy to work hard for my salvation and for others. I know that the blessing that come from this work does not only affect me but those that are around me and those that are making a sacrifice for it too. 
Elder Dahlin (Your son)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We all fit

Potato greens with MONKEY

So it sounds like you are having a lot of fun lately!! :) that is awesome! The new missionaries are complaining about the heat right now and im enjoying it so much. Its cold compared to dry season!
 I love seeing new missionaries come in because that means im getting some dirt on my tag hehe Soo I got me new companion/son on friday! He is from Samoa and I am learning Samoan for sure. His name is Elder Falemai. English is kind of hard for him so it will be great for him to be teaching and learning. So we got them and we didnt have time to go into our area so we went to an FM.. their first meal in Liberia was potato greens with monkey in it! It was the first time I ate monkey too haha it wasnt bad.
 It has been crazy the past few days. I feel like the role of district leader has really come into play now. I am training a brand new guy and saturday I organized the baptismal service for 4 other sets of Elders and now I have 4 sets of missionaries in my district who are all new so they dont know the schedule well enough haha teaching class at church on the spot isnt a big deal anymore because it always happens haha and now preparing for district meeting tomorrow. Its all fun stuff and I am beginning to really like talking in front of large groups of people. Its just been packed with things to do which makes the days go by really fast but always a little more tired.
So my glasses are with the kirkhams but they havent unpacked them yet :) thank you!! I will have to send a few pictures when I get them
I love you all and I hope you are all staying safe and having fun. Until monday
Elder Dahlin

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey Dad!
Well im really jealous of paddle boarding. I cant imagine getting in water... Even though right now its raining like crazy and its kind of cold. 
That will be awesome to see Lanette!! I got a letter from her a while ago that was pretty great. 
A sling shot would be a lot of fun, there are always lizards I want to kill but I dont have any weapons!

Lately the mission has been crazy, on wednesday we had conference with president Kirkham which was great. He will make the work move along so fast. The transfer news I got yesterday really shows how much he will make this mission grow. So we got transfer news and I will be training another missionary just coming on mission! (My second son) My first son will be training also and he will split a new area which means there will be two more missionaries in my district. So my district is almost the size of the last zone I was in haha 
The sad news is that Elder Skouson is leaving my district, he is an awesome guy that I will for sure want to stay in contact with my whole life. He lives in Vegas so he will have to come to california. This was a very short transfer, only a month, but you can really get to know someone in a month. 
I will send some pictures to show you what I did on the fourth of july. Not once did I get called china man which is a change up. 
This week has really made me learn those things I need to work on as a person and as a leader and father. They are definitely things that I am happy to work on and grateful for this chance to do it. The hardest two years but the best two years for life. I know that I have changed in a few ways. I know that I am a stronger advocate of the gospel and a more confident person in the things I need and want in life. It will be great to continue to apply the things ive learned so that when I get back I can be a more effective and productive person. I feel like if you go on a mission to just doing the things required it wont benefit you in any way. There is a set of scriptures in D&C 58 but I forgot the verse that are great to help me to understand to work hard for myself. If I lead I have to work to be that example. 
Anyway... Its been great to learn, I love president Kirkham and im excited for my new district. Everyone will be training so there will be a lot of greenies. I wonder if my companion will be black or white! I get him on friday! love you and I hope you have another great week! 
Elder Dahlin

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fanta fanta ...

July 1st 2013

Hey Mom!
Im glad you got the letter :) Yeah I think you are right about the obedience and serving haha because whenever theres extra time its not fun to think. well im sorry you guys are enduring the heat... its been pretty nice lately here.

 I got grandmas package by the way!!! it was everything that I wanted and was in need of. Grandma has inspired packages. Well you can be happy to think about the heat your in compared to this one, all our pillows grow mold and we sleep under nets every night! brushing your teeth with no sink is easy! haha thats how its done... It will be weird to go back to having a sink.
So I will for sure eat rice when I come home because I have to cook some Liberian food for you all to eat. Maybe some palm butter or potatoe greens. 

This mission is pretty crazy and so is being district leader. I love directing the work that we do as a district though. We had baptisms saturday and after we did a service project at papa isaacs house. When he came up out of the water he paused with his eyes closed for about three seconds, opened his eyes and uttered the words "thank God". It was great and I definitely wrote that one down. I will also have to send you a video of us doing the service project. We cut down a palm tree :) Lots and lots of red ants and spiders the size of your hand. A few of us went to a birthday party yesterday for an fm and it was awesome. Its weird to have good music playing and seeing people have a lot of fun... Kind of cool to see. We have so many people that are ready for baptism its awesome. I wont tell you the number but we have a lot of baptisms this month haha

 I miss you guys and hope the heat isnt too crazy! We have a conference with president Kirkham wednesday with all of Liberia which will be awesome. I get to see all the Elders I left in my last zone. Alright I will talk to you next week!
Elder Dahlin

From Elder Nabende

our mission is one the best missions in the world, am glad that am
serving in this mission and we are doing great things are happening
seeing also the mission is coming as i speak now and am very happy
that your son is part of this great mission. he will come when he has
many  stories to share with you just keep encouraging us will do our
best here in the mission the missionaries here shines like stars in
heaven so that everyone will see them,.... ha ha ha...
waiting to hear from you again .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!