Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey Everybody!

For the package!!!!! wrap it all in tape so nobody can get into it and
put pictures of jesus on it! Also write on it: missionary supplies
worth $5. That way nobody opens it!! haha so if you could send me
stamps that would be great.. I can't buy any here and also if you could
get me a small flashlight that I can use to read with please!
sometimes we dont have enough fuel for the generator so we wait in the
dark to save gas haha fun stuff!

sounds like the house is almost done?! haha im sorry you got sick mom
:( I wish i could be there to help work for you! No I haven't baptized
anyone yet but I think I will this week or next week :) my companion
and I have 10 investigators getting baptized this month :) Its crazy..
there's not enough time in the day for all these people and whenever
your walking to an appointment we always get new people that run up to
us or ask us if we can talk to them. One guy was saying 'im begging
you, teach me'   yeah its probably the craziest mission in the world.
Everyone says it is the best mission in the world and will be the
easiest two years of your life. besides missing home of course.. So i'm
doing good, this week was really hard because im realizing more and
more that im actually in africa haha but I love learning and I'm loving
the fact that when someone asks a question now I'm able to say "well
lets look at what it says in the scriptures about that" haha alright
well I love you guys and miss you. Are you naming the blue "blue'?
Elder Dahlin

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb. 18th,2013


Hey mom and everyone!!
well... hand sanitizer would be nice haha thats the only thing i think
i need! Thank you for everything guys :) well we had 3 baptisms
Saturday and a total of 14 baptized in our service saturday haha The
other week they made a record i think of 26 baptisms in one service!
lets see what happened this week.. I gave out a few book of mormons
which was a lot of fun. Its been fun learning a lot from these
africans and I really would like to be so much better of a person. its
crazy to want to keep things for myself because i just want to give
everything to these people that dont have anything.. i dont think
youre supposed to help people pay for rides but its hard not to haha i
do have to be careful because i have like 4.66 to spend every day.
well i want to see those dogs!! send a few pictures!! I love you guys
and i hope you know youre in my prayers all the time. one thing that
ive never realized is that prayer has the biggest impact on your life
than anything. If you keep talking to heavenly father then you will be
a different person all together. grr its weird talking like a
missionary but its all so true! so here is the culture of the mission:
first visit you always invite them to baptism (nobody has said no to
us yet) second, a convert will bring another convert. third a convert
of missionary age always serves a mission. its all so crazy and so so
easy. I feel like i was given the easiest mission in the world haha
who cares about heat and all that good stuff haha
yeah i have water from a tank that has to be purified twice.. in my
bath i dont open my mouth haha diseases are not good!! yeah there are
some crazy things here that ill tell you about when i get home but
other than that its awesome!
alright i love you guys! talk to you soon,
Elder Dahlin ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 11th 2013 Bush Rod Island

You should send me a few pictures of the dogs! not off of your camera though because they would never load here. haha but anyway the mission is going great. Ive learned a lot about myself and realize that I need to be better because the gospel is real. its really something that we need to apply to our every day lives. A missionary told me about a 40 year old girl in his ward in utah and in her blessing that while shes alive she will get to see Jesus Christ and give him a hug. This is really our time to prepare for that day. everyone is but they dont know the truth of it. As we come closer to our heavenly father we will be blessed no matter what. I wish I could explain how much ive been affected by the mission already but all I can really say is that I know its true and I know that I need to be more hard working. Theres so much that goes on over here that everyone trusts in heavenly father. the thing ive done most since ive been here is ask baptismal questions haha the first real investigator i helped teach it was his second lesson and we asked him to be baptized and he said yeah just like that. This mission averages 2 baptisms per month per missionary. The best mission in the world for baptisms. crazy stuff.

Elder Dahlin in Africa

Hello again!!!

did you guys get my first email?? well i miss you. this has been a different experience all together! so we have a generator and when we have fuel we use it from 7-10 at night! most missions and even in sierra leone they proselyte till 930 but we do until 630, for reasons i wont say.. haha but its crazy here, the people are teaching me more than anything and its so insane how much they listen. We will never spend any time finding people because everyone listens and everyone has a friend that listens in on the lesson that we end up teaching. Ive definitely seen things I havent wanted to see and ive eaten some things that havent been the best haha but for some reason the rice tastes so good! lets see... I eat rice, rice, rice, and a little more rice with beans. Ive eaten chicken feet which is the weirdest thing so far! bone and all.. we take motorcycles to get places and off the island i live on haha bush rod island is where I am and i proselyte in VOA 1 which is a refuge camp. The church is helping build a toilet which is cool. we polish our shoes every day because its so dusty because the sahara winds. My companion reminds me of Eldon a little bit haha its been fun being in a house with 5 other guys. hard to understand but its fun. ive taken pictures but I cant send them because the computers are slow and dont have the right slot. Ill send some in letters! what else... we talk about obama sometimes and i get so mad haha tell grandma thank you for the shoe polish!!!! i dont know what i would do without it and hunters bottle he got me and my steripen! you could forward this to them and maddie of course :) so the little kids sophia and lilia would die if they came here. they run up to me and hug me all the time and yell "whiteman" the language is like hearing a baby talk.. really talk like a baby would and thats the language... did you send maddie her package??
well I love you guys and I hope youre having fun :) its hot here, just saying haha i used that bar of soap in two week!
love yall!
Elder Dahlin