Monday, January 27, 2014

After seeing pictures of the Donkey Basketball game and "One Year" anniversary

Yeah Hello!!
Sophia did donkey basketball!!!!?? Thats awesome! What I was so surprised at though is to see so many white faces. I really dont understand it. So so white people I come and die-o! wow I wonder what that would be like. White people, wow. "I want to touch it"
Anyway, how is everything? How is life in white people land? haha I cant get over how many white people I just saw. Sounds like youre wanting more and more projects around the house! You know ill be looking for a job when I get home.. Save building a building for me! or maybe ill sell security im not sure. How is Marvin doing?? Did I already ask for his email because I want to email him too!
This week was a crazy week. We were able to baptize a great investigator and she really will be a great member. She is truly converted and understands what it means to live an LDS life. So I will tell you how my one year went. The night before we got a call saying we will have an emergency transfer because there are a few in my zone that need correction and hopefully nothing more than that. So I was assigned to be companions with the one President is most concerned about. We knew but couldnt tell anyone. So on my one year we had our baptism and then bought some ICECREAM! Went back to the apartment and ate it and then went and saw a few people while we waited for the couples and APs to come. It was sad since I was not able to tell anyone. All my stuff is still to the apartment because we just packed for this week. So I was taken out of my awesome area and apartment on my one year! No it was great since on sunday I ate Crocodile which is delicious. I love Liberia. I dont like being away from my companion though since Zone Leaders are busiest on sundays and especially the last sunday of the month. So I was feeling bad for him since he had to do it all yesterday. I guess im on an assignment for this last week of the transfer. We get transfer news this week so we will see if I get to go back to my area or somewhere else! I hope I go back though.  On the 2nd there will be transfers, on the 5th mission council and the 11th zone conference where Elder Curtis will be our guest again. The area President.
Have you ever seen the Liberia mission facebook page? And do you know the book "Doctrine of Christ" by Joseph F Smith and "Mormon Doctrine" by Bruce R McConkie? I want to read them eventually..
Anyway wish me luck, no small ting-o. 
Elder Elias Dahlin

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A great sight to see after baptisms

Hey mom!!
What you described is what we hold a record for. If a member comes with you to go and teach an investigator that lesson is a member present lesson. So last week we taught more member presents than other lessons which means a member was not there. Thats never happened in any mission ever. :) 
Collin is going home in two weeks?!?! How is that possible haha.. thats crazy stuff. Id be very upset if he married while I was still on mission.. I guess he will end up getting married before me anyway haha wow thats weird. 
Tom Krebs better still go on trips with dad! If not I guess ill have to go with him on the Fatboy... darn..
No I dont think the valentinos are fake because Ghana gets good stuff then it gets to Liberia. Jatala ties are what everyone wants but its hard since they are only made in Nigeria where white people are not allowed there.
Kevin is done with Military? how many years has it been?
I wonder if you would be able to dig a well so you would be able to hand pump your water? its no small thing im sure but it would be great.. Now I know how to survive off a pump and rice and whatever kind of greens you can find in the field for food. Rice and Beans is all you really need! We are now entering the hottest part of dry season where the sun doesnt stop and very dusty all day.
SO WHEN LONE SURVIVOR COMES OUT ON DVD I WANT IT!!!! Hey man thats awesome and Ive of course been thinking about the SEALs. I guess im being prepared for it and have a lot of time to see if thats what I need to do.
This week has been a good week just full of work and fun. If you want suggestions for a box to send me I would love a few pairs of thick socks.. a journal since this one is almost full and stanley had suggested a frisbee. Thats all :) 

Just a lot of things have happened and I feel that im becoming more and more busy and the days seem to fly by. I will send pictures of what happened last monday of the old hotel we visited and took some good pictures. Liberia really does have some extremes and some of the things we teach you never thought it would be necessary to teach but theres always a concern. "No you cant say that God is that chair.." haha They definitely need to be taught a lot of the gospel. We have interviews with President Kirkham this week and it went well. President is great and I just talk to him like I talk to a Leader and a Friend. We talked a lot about the zone and what he sees the zone members can work on. Hes great. I guess theres not much else to say about that. We will baptize 3 sisters this week which will be good. Baptize so that we can find more families! Alright well I will just send you pictures! Love you and hope the drought isnt too bad.

Elder Dahlin

Monday, January 13, 2014

I am glad to hear everything is going well! I hope you ate plenty at the crab feed! lucky! Harley and Michael are in Hawaii????  I want to see a picture of Howard! To see Sophia at the same school would be no small thing. It would be sweet-o! I am glad you see the Book of Mormon differently now. We have been given a challenge to read it again by May 1st which is great. Once I finish Jesus the Christ and the Doctrine and Covenants I will start reading the Old Testament and the Doctrine and Covenants manual. I have so much reading I want to do! I love when you can see what you are reading come to life. I just picture Abish throwing her arms in the arm and shouting for joy when she sees a bunch of people looking like theyre dead. If I saw that in person I might think shes a little crazy wouldnt you? haha Great missionary Ammon was. If I would say one thing about serving a mission you will love every second of it and I hope you get one just like this. The most exciting and unique. Teaching really strengthens Testimony so be getting ready!
So speaking of the mission. Something in Liberia happened this week that has never happened in any other mission in the world.. For the first time in the history of any mission across the world we have achieved teaching more member present lessons than other lessons of the course of this week. Liberia is really making some records in church history! So cool. Another story im sure you will like is what happened yesterday in Elders Quorum Class. An old old man was allowed to teach and we are starting in the teachings of Joseph F Smith. He made a print out of the Lords prayer, started talking all about history and told a few people to shut up. I guess he was a professor and he knows a lot. He told us to do our research in a few places from Jesus the Christ from off the top of his head. It got fun though when the Branch President was helping him understand that he needs to go by the book, he pointed his finger and yelled " I tell you NO!" haha It was a funny class yesterday. We were all laughing and I think we will have to reteach the lesson because im not sure what he talked about. So there are a few brands I want you to look  up and see how expensive they are in the US. Valentino (from italy) belts and Burberry Brit (from London) about their pants. I think a few things are cheap here but im not so sure. Anyway, dont forget Hunters birthday is on the 15th of this month!
A lot of work going on and a lot of changes being made to the zone and its been great. Busy Busy but always happy doing it. I will take some pictures today to send next week.
Yeah 30 interviews and that was mainly over the course of 4 months!

Alright I love you all and hope everything is going better than before. Have a great week!
Elder Elias Dahlin

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

food, new pants, my bed

Look at my mother sending me an email through her Iphone!!! haha Thats sweet-o!  Seems like you all had a pretty eventful week with Hannah and the new Babay! I am sure you are happy to be home though! Are you home yet? And sophia!! Thats a very unique dress!! Its awesome!!
Well Its been a very eventful week and there's a lot more to think about on this side. I love this side so much better than Monrovia side because its closer together, more baptisms, and baptisms are combined so there are so many people there. 

The apartment is so much nicer too!! We have generator but we have a fridge so water gets cold! I have my own bed too and not a bunk bed!!!! There are some great things about this apartment. You remember that rotten casava I was talking about? Fufu? We could call our investigator and have it delivered to the apartment every day if we wanted! So good. We also get an FM every night from our Branch President and we eat so much food... The apartment is in my area too so its easy to stop for lunch.. Wow I might get fat here but I am starting to workout even more so I guess we will see! 

At baptisms saturday I saw Sister Solomie!!! She was the 1st councilors wife in Banjor branch who would always feed us. She said I look so grown up like a man now haha I guess it has been 7 months since ive seen her. 

On Wednesday we had Mission Council and the room has AC in it. When we stopped for Lunch I was so happy to get out of the room! Its not going to be easy going back to the cold or normal weather since im used to more heat now. One thing I did finally was buy a good pair of pants! Well our Branch Mission Leader did it today haha I will send a picture of what I used compared to my new pair. 

Well there is so much work to be done in my zone. Elder Zolo is a great missionary and is teaching me French. We conducted Leadership training Friday and I was able to see my second son Elder Falemai! Hes doing great. So I have conducted 30 interviews for Candidates to be baptized and the 30th one is the first one ive ever interviewed that has never broken the law of Chastity. I was so excited! Anyway, everythings great. I have a lot of work to do which is great since this week was full but fast and I have learned a lot already. I hope everyone is doing great and I miss you all but Im happy to be here. I do hope what I am doing has been blessing everyone at home.
Elder Elias Dahlin 

Hey mom!!!
It was so great to hear everyones voice on Christmas!! I hope new years will be great. I didnt realize I had an accent like that... Ohh Africa!
So transfer news!! I am now back on Bushrod Island in Caldwell New Georgia! I am still a zone leader with Elder Zolo as my companion. He is from Ivry Coast which is awesome. Im sure I will learn a lot and now my zone is a little bigger which is nice now that ill be able to go on more exchanges. I traveled all day today and President Sayon let me back the truck up and pull it into the compound in Thinker village! I drove a few feet! Wooh! I also saw a couch in their apartment too... weird. I guess not too much to say. Im in a new emailing cafe so I will try to send pictures. I took plenty because we had a branch party on saturday.

It was so great to talk to you and I love you!!! Have a great time with the new Baby!
Elder Dahlin