Monday, January 27, 2014

After seeing pictures of the Donkey Basketball game and "One Year" anniversary

Yeah Hello!!
Sophia did donkey basketball!!!!?? Thats awesome! What I was so surprised at though is to see so many white faces. I really dont understand it. So so white people I come and die-o! wow I wonder what that would be like. White people, wow. "I want to touch it"
Anyway, how is everything? How is life in white people land? haha I cant get over how many white people I just saw. Sounds like youre wanting more and more projects around the house! You know ill be looking for a job when I get home.. Save building a building for me! or maybe ill sell security im not sure. How is Marvin doing?? Did I already ask for his email because I want to email him too!
This week was a crazy week. We were able to baptize a great investigator and she really will be a great member. She is truly converted and understands what it means to live an LDS life. So I will tell you how my one year went. The night before we got a call saying we will have an emergency transfer because there are a few in my zone that need correction and hopefully nothing more than that. So I was assigned to be companions with the one President is most concerned about. We knew but couldnt tell anyone. So on my one year we had our baptism and then bought some ICECREAM! Went back to the apartment and ate it and then went and saw a few people while we waited for the couples and APs to come. It was sad since I was not able to tell anyone. All my stuff is still to the apartment because we just packed for this week. So I was taken out of my awesome area and apartment on my one year! No it was great since on sunday I ate Crocodile which is delicious. I love Liberia. I dont like being away from my companion though since Zone Leaders are busiest on sundays and especially the last sunday of the month. So I was feeling bad for him since he had to do it all yesterday. I guess im on an assignment for this last week of the transfer. We get transfer news this week so we will see if I get to go back to my area or somewhere else! I hope I go back though.  On the 2nd there will be transfers, on the 5th mission council and the 11th zone conference where Elder Curtis will be our guest again. The area President.
Have you ever seen the Liberia mission facebook page? And do you know the book "Doctrine of Christ" by Joseph F Smith and "Mormon Doctrine" by Bruce R McConkie? I want to read them eventually..
Anyway wish me luck, no small ting-o. 
Elder Elias Dahlin

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