Monday, March 25, 2013

 So I got letters!!

"Dear Elder" is great! i got one from mom and one from hannah :) and
some from the Reeds :) so using dear elder now you put the new mission
name otherwise i dont know if ill get them! so Monrovia Liberia
mission :)  (Not sure if that's an option quite yet ...)

So the people in Liberia.... Hmm how do I describe them haha Poor and
Humble is the best way! my companion started getting mad at this one
girl for telling us her priest knew the bible and she still wanted to
feed us after! haha we baptized 3 this saturday and it was pretty
great. Im learning that I dont tell stories to investigators very
often. so for me I just say "This is the gospel, these are the
blessing you get from living it... bamm done" hahaha ill learn to talk
more haha the new missionaries are alright. ones 18 haha youngin.

 This week was a lot better and im loving it more and more. I need to send
pictures home and maybe ill mail my card home! I love you guys! 

crazy sophia will be taking her test for college! man dont let too much
happen while im gone haha
Elder Dahlin

Monday, March 18, 2013

Yellow!!! how you coming on!? you super?
my body fine!
haha ohh african talk

 I actually got a haircut last monday for the first time on my mission..... big
mistake because the guy that knew how to cut american hair was drunk
so we went to a different guy and... I got an african haircut haha so
short. ohh well it grows out! 

Well you guys dont have to worry about
what food I eat! its all so good haha I told you i could eat anything!
who knew id enjoy anything haha so I love palava sauce and all the
greens they cook, for a topping for rice of course. I saw monkey being
cooked though and i havent eaten that.. 

In my apartment i am getting
two new american missionaries! bad idea hahaha so what else this
week.. hmm idk i gave a talk and taught youth class and helped teach
elders quorum. that was fun and crazy.
So just all stressed out and all the good stuff from a mission. hope
everyones doing fine and I hope that you got all the stuff back from
those dirtbags!
ohhhhhh question! hows america doing!? do I have to come back and use
my weapons of war??
Alright talk to you soon,
Elias Dahlin

One more thing is that an elder wants to do business with someone in
america. Selling jatala ties for cheap and then reselling them haha
tell me if anyone wants to do it. maybe michael? haha yeah  ohh well

This week was hard and just thinking about home a

Monday, March 11, 2013

ohh and by the way. O-Charlie means DUDE here hahahaha you win

Yeah.... I think I knew that since the beginning of my mission... I
thought I told you! haha ohh well so yeah ill be in Liberia all my
mission haha Thats fine I like it here!! its still really hot to me
though but thats ok. I drink a lot of water!

Sounds like some work is being done to howard thats awesome!! big
project though... 

So this week was a good week!! tuesday is going to
sound more like a fun day when I describe it... We took a motorcycle
to the beach and walked along a big beach until we got to our area..
then we had a lesson on the beach hahaha yeah its like the other side
of heaven. I have the girl AND the coolest mission ;)

 Alright actually
this week was kind of bad.. we planned for next sunday 5 baptisms and
then only two showed up... then after church we found out that one of
those two was asking the relief society about building her a new house
when she becomes a member!!!!! stupid... and she gave us like 5 new
investigators so we have to question all of them.. yeah it was crazy..
but I actually got in the water to baptize this last week :) 

I live in Banjor right next to brewersville.. hmm its close to Duala haha I
teach in VOA camp #1 and thats the refugee camp... so many people just
walking around with no clothes on... hahaha sorry if thats too much
 I wear my contacts a few times a week but i think im
going to start wearing them more!! that would be a bummer if my
glasses ever got lost but I take good care of them :) well I love you
guys and hope you're doing great! I think about everyone a lot and you
are all definitely in my prayers.

Elias Dahlin

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I just read on the Sierra Leone Mission Blog that Liberia Monrovia is becoming a new mission in July.   The missionaries in Liberia will stay in Liberia ... that's Eli.  His mission president will be President Roger Kirkham.   So that's some news.  Debbie

Monday, March 4, 2013

"I'm learning a lot. I'm learning how to live with nothing.. I cant
imagine in two years when I come home "
Hey Mom!
When you guys get better I get sick! I wasnt doing too good tuesday
but it only lasted a day! :) yeah after that email it got harder
because the language and im talking more and more trying to learn. Im
reading a lot of the book of Mormon and its so awesome!! Yeah the
pouch is the best for me I think but not for you guys to send... so
yes I need a lot of US stamps please!! Thats so expensive!! I hope it
gets here fine!! I might be waiting a few months but ohh well it will
get here. Well I cant send a picture!!! maybe maddie has one that she
could send you guys :)

Ok so cooking we cook our own food and we always always have rice and
pepper and oil.. I buy two loaves of bread a day and I usually make
some milk from powder haha we went into town once and I saw icecream!
ohh mann it looked so good hahaha so my companion is Elder Nabende and
in our apartment is Elder; ayim, osayi, ngobi, and nyako. Yup im the
only white guy. haha i dont notice it too much though until I go to
the other apartment and we start talking about american things. its
nice sometimes haha lets see... ive eaten fufu? which is ROTTEN
cassava!! they leave it out in water for 3 days until it gets rotten
haha it smelt so bad haha ohh well ill eat whatever. I ate another
chicken foot and thats about it for the weird food.. just mainly rice!

Washing clothes takes some time!! we get a bucket and then a larger
bowl. fill it from our pump and just wash everything by hand! then we
hang it out to dry and when we get back from emailing and all that
good stuff its dry :)

its still really hot to me here but when it has rained I actually
used a sheet at night!! so when I get home im sure im going to be
frozen... good thing Texas has some good heat :) alright well I should
probably go... I love you guys and miss you all so much. we just had a
super pday and we watched megamind.. :(( I month down! hahaha whos

Im working hard to know the gospel and teach it :) love you!
Elias Dahlin, one of the white Africans