Monday, March 18, 2013

Yellow!!! how you coming on!? you super?
my body fine!
haha ohh african talk

 I actually got a haircut last monday for the first time on my mission..... big
mistake because the guy that knew how to cut american hair was drunk
so we went to a different guy and... I got an african haircut haha so
short. ohh well it grows out! 

Well you guys dont have to worry about
what food I eat! its all so good haha I told you i could eat anything!
who knew id enjoy anything haha so I love palava sauce and all the
greens they cook, for a topping for rice of course. I saw monkey being
cooked though and i havent eaten that.. 

In my apartment i am getting
two new american missionaries! bad idea hahaha so what else this
week.. hmm idk i gave a talk and taught youth class and helped teach
elders quorum. that was fun and crazy.
So just all stressed out and all the good stuff from a mission. hope
everyones doing fine and I hope that you got all the stuff back from
those dirtbags!
ohhhhhh question! hows america doing!? do I have to come back and use
my weapons of war??
Alright talk to you soon,
Elias Dahlin

One more thing is that an elder wants to do business with someone in
america. Selling jatala ties for cheap and then reselling them haha
tell me if anyone wants to do it. maybe michael? haha yeah  ohh well

This week was hard and just thinking about home a

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