Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Big

Good Example

The man on the right is Thomas.
 Kicked out of his house, Sleeping with a friend, has no food or money.. Still goes out with the missionaries all day every day. When they dont get FM he doesnt eat.. Is preparing to serve a mission. This is someone that strengthens my testimony. He has never heard of an elevator or washing machine or vacuum. The most polite guy you will meet. And one other thing is im the second white person hes ever talked to haha Crazy

Sorry for no email last week. Maybe it wasnt as eventful which means I think this time I have a few more things to say! Sounds like some crazy things are happening at church lately. Just remember that some things the Lord has asked us to focus on and one of them truly is speeding up the work of salvation. Meaning lots of effort into ward mission leaders and missionary work. The members might feel neglected small but we need to work together for the work. It is all about work for others.  Thank you for sending a box!! I always get excited for them and so does the apartment, if I want to share.. pshh haha just kidding :)
So great. This week was District conference and it was an awesome experience. We got to sleep at the mission office which was my first time and I realized how awesome where Elder Skouson and Pentreath live is!! we slept there because traffic could have made us late to get home and we would have had to wake up very early to travel for it so it was easier to sleep there. We all taught in the APs area and they gave Elder Orton and I a man that was really drunk that had just been baptized. I told him next time to trunk it on the wall or the floor next time he got alcohol. We told him we loved him and invited him to pray for strength, right when we said that he got on the floor and started praying! so we had to rush and join him haha good stuff. He came to church the next day though :) When we were listening to President Kirkham speak to all the Recent converts it was awesome because he said, "All you weak ones stand up" He meant the missionaries haha President is great. He really can speak so well and teach amazing principles, Along with Elder Curtis, The Africa West President. It was great to be able to hear him speak because he is very enthusiastic.
Anyway one great thing I was that over 100 men received the Priesthood. It was great because my Recent converts in this area and my last stood along with everyone else to be sustained. I did not get to see my Converts in my last area because they are in a different District but Elder Pentreath told be about Brother Kamara. We baptized him right before I left and now he is the Branch Mission Leader!! Mann it was so great to hear that. The man I taught as a missionary is now leading the missionaries in their efforts with the branch. Missionary work is so sweet. One the other hand my branch mission leader in my branch thinks he is a missionary and trys to tell us what to do. I could go off and what happened this week with him but basically I yelled at him and hopefully he understands. Maybe its about time I switch areas haha
Everything is going great though and ive really learned a lot. I am so happy that our zone is doing so well. Our key indicators are the best in the mission which makes me proud of all the missionaries. I will send a few pictures of this week!!

I love you
Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Daddio,
Life in the bush is sweet. Just having fun teaching the gospel. Lately we have been teaching a few families which are great. One culture of this mission is that we invite to be baptized on the first visit and its been great to see how willing people are to accept the gospel.

San Fran sounds like a lot of fun, especially having hot chocolate. All they have here is some stuff with nutrition in it. I would love to see a blade! That  would be fun if you learned how to do damascus so that when I get home we could make some crazy ones.

 I know a few people that can get me big water snakes so I will buy one and take it home and cook it one day when they catch me one. People dont like the idea of eating snake? Anyway this was a good week.  Long suffering is a good attribute to have haha. Alright dad I hope everything is going well.  Love you dad.

Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Frisky American" says Eli's companion who carries him over water because of old boots!

Im freaking out right now! Manchester England!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.. SO CRAZY!!!! well thats just awesome mann,. and yeah other missionaries, cool stuff.. haha
Well now im thinking about that haha but seminary is a hard one for everyone to feel the spirit. My only advice I can give is just a part of Preach My Gospel that I know works, is asking inspired questions. I always hated asking Liberians some questions because they would go off and talk too much but when I learned how to control is and know even better questions to ask the lesson became less about me teaching and letting them take in as much as possible. Lessons would be different but it was great because you get to know them on a more spiritual level.
And yes I plan to come to Africa to hunt! I was thinking if I wanted to end up farming I would possibly do business with him too! 

So this week was an interesting week. Not an easy one but so rewarding. On thursday we had a leadership training we had to go to and a service project and a church activity so it was a full day of traveling and running around. Not only did the bike men burn the bus but other vehicles and they also beat some cops up too so they police have really enforced that no bike is allowed on the main roads.... 

So our leadership training was in a new chapel in congo town so none of us had been there before. Traveling was so bad and you have to fight your way in a taxi and so its near impossible to find seats for 3 Elders in one taxi. When we got transport we passed the place. We ended up finding it but showing up late. Afterwards I laughed though because all that was going through my head was "WHERE IS 60B!!" I forget the movie name. Hannah will know haha so crazy. 

Then on saturday we had a meeting with the District presidency again and all we did that whole day was go to one meeting because traffic was so bad.. Anywas we had some great lessons and some less actives we taught ended up coming to church!

 Im really excited for christmas even though transfer news happens on the 22nd so that means for christmas I could be with completely new people. We just got transfer news and so I am staying which means by the end of this one ill have been in this area for 7 months. 

Not to be asking for  things but my watch broke about about 5 months ago... Not that a watch is important but if you happen to send a package I would love a watch. Just a cheap watch. Also if you want to send the trans siberian orchestra of their christmas music I wouldnt mind either!
Mom I think a few weeks ago you asked if there were still mosquitoes here. There are always a good amount especially where I live and we always sleep under nets. Can you imagine sleeping outside of a net! that would be so cool. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, November 4, 2013

How is everything?? Seems like there are some fun projects going on at home! I feel like you are just about to experience summer but that already happened... OHH and I remembered that there were birthdays that I missed!!! LILIA Harley and HANNAHs birthdays! Happy Birthday!!!!! Thank you lilia for the letter!!!! so awesome haha.
I just read Jennies email small and thats so crazy, Awesome Miracles and its just different to think about the different missions we are on. Our mission president tells us to focus on families because everyone wants to here the gospel and investigate but first we are building the branches.

 I'll give a story that happened Thursday to show how much different it is.. So on Tuesday there was an accident in my area where a yellow school bus hit a motorbike rider and killed him, so the motorbike riders burned the bus.. Now the police have been arresting bike men and taking their bikes so on Thursday we were teaching a man named Moses. At the beginning like 20 bike men rode past quick then 3 trucks full of police chased after them. It caused plenty noise but brought out a bunch of people out of there buildings and brought them over to us. Within about 5 minutes of starting the lesson there were about 13 men listening to us asking question and a bunch of others in the distance listening to us teach and answer questions haha they finished all of our pamphlets. 

The lesson before that one was so great too.. It was one man that said this is what he has been waiting for, the best part of it was that it was IN a house AND... There was CARPET!!!!! The first time ive felt carpet in Liberia.. I really wanted to lay down on it but im sure that wouldnt have been a good idea haha Ohh Carpet... Long time-o!

 On sunday we had 6 awesome investigators come to church that are all Priesthood age which is perfect since our goal is to split the branch and bring one to our area. Another great thing that happened this week was part of my Blessing being fulfilled. We were talking to the Zeahn family yesterday and they said I know two white men that can work super hard, Elder Dahlin and Elder Applebee. Elder Applebee is from Australia and returned home over a year ago and that family has seen so many white missionaries. It really made me happy to hear someone say that I could work harder than any other Elder they know. Not that that is true but its good to know im not lazy haha
Mission council was great. We learned a lot about the things we need to be doing as zone leaders and the example we need to set. It is great to work along with President and to hear his goals and to just know them. They really remind me of you guys and so I always love to be around them. He has set some great standards to live by and to become and im excited to transform our area into an area that he wants it to be.
Alright well I love you guys and am glad to hear about home. Make sure to go swimming for me.. :( I will learn how to cook some Liberian dishes so when I get home you all WILL eat them.

Elder Dahlin