Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey mom!
haha so Elder Nabende and Elder Myaka read your first paragraph and laughed a lot! My companion is the one thats frisky!
The box you sent me was amazing. I havent opened the Milk yet but I know it tastes good. Thank you! I like to get that because every month I buy at least one of those.  I am using everything and am happy for the crazy amount of memory you gave me! Elder Poulson has like 8 gigs of all disney music so now im going to take it all! First things first I have to listen to "This is Halloween" from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". Sophia knows whats up. I hope she is blasting the whole cd! Im still eating grandmas box she gave me and it gave me a taste of Halloween! An Elder suggested pop tarts if she happen to send another one for christmas. Cough Cough.. Only the Cinnamon ones of course. :) 

Thats awesome you got an invite to the knife show!! You will have to take pictures of them so we can make them when I get home. You guys and your Iphones :( lucky! For me I did get a new camera and its nice, It is the newer model of the canon but I got it "used" for cheaper. I havent sent pictures for a while because the emailing place has not had power so we have had to use another one that doesnt allow it.
Each missionary gets to email President every week. A few things have happened that are crazy in our zone. We had an emergency transfer and we got one more white man here named Elder Orton. Then the man Elder Kairu that I said was my favorite was sent home to Uganda for medical reasons.I will miss that guy. Maybe he will call the house some time soon if they allow him to be released for small time. He gave me his Uganda jersey which means I guess im going to be playing a lot more football and representing Uganda.
I sent a letter this last week about how my weeks are going. The work has become a lot crazier and this has been the fastest transfer ive had on mission. I was very excited to have zero other lessons and all member presents this week. Plenty work! Just working hard and enjoying it. My companion is crazy but im happy to have  a companion that is not young on mission. We have had some intense lessons teaching people the gospel. This week we have Mission council where all zone leader come and hear from the APs and President so that will be fun. Not that im getting fat or anything but having an American sandwich is one of the best parts of the meeting. haha not fat.. Alright well I love you guys and im always happy to hear from home. I will ask Elder Skouson about Natalies man! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

yeah hello!
Wow, some fun emails today! haha Some things that are written its very hard not to laugh because I can just picture you all saying it. I loved grandmas email and yeah her package was awesome! I got my package from the family just now so im excited to open it! Ive seen it for a few days but on saturday we went to town and went on a one hour exchange with the APs and then went to the District Presidency meeting so we were not able to come back in time to pick it up.
Sounds like some fun things are going on at home! IPHONES!!! I miss my iphone haha You will love it when you get used to the texting mom. Then you will never want to go back to texting with buttons. Thats sad about the Malaria thing... It seems like I just read an article from Jeffery R Holland saying sickness is most often a result from disobedience.. sorry yeah haha I will try my best to stay healthy! ;)
Well this week was not too crazy. Just saturday was a crazy day going back in forth in town. Im really learning to love all of these people. Especially the missionaries I serve with. We had an unexpected transfer that took Elder Maurana out of our zone and that was sad.. Now we have another white man.. ohh well! Hes good. Elder Kairu is my favorite mann in our apartment and there was a chance for him to leave and he chose to stay which I was happy for. Hes my grandson on mission. My great grandson is from Ghana and hes doing really well. 

One thing that ive been working on this week has been my scriptures. I understand now why there is no way a returned missionary would give away his scriptures.. They become awesome and you cant read anyone elses. 

So my boots have been spoiled for over a month and its fun to proselyte where there is water, because I make my companion carry me across it haha I dont think he likes that one too much but its the end of rainy season and id rather not get new boots. My companion always calls me a Frisky American, this is my second South African companion and hes fun.
Well Its been a lot of fun lately. I hope that every Pday I will be able to play volleyball so I can get good at it. I hope everything is going great at home still and that stanley and Marvin are able to help around the house. I love you!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

yeah hello!

Sounds like everything is going great at home!! Ping ping sounds like
fun. Its getting to dry season now so Im sure yall will have fun while
its getting cold! wish I could help with bringing in fire wood.

I was able to watch the Priesthood session and Sunday session of
general conference :) it was awesome! It was sad to hear about
President Monson talking about his wife.. The day before though sister
Howa called me. She is my recent convert and right now we are teaching
her mom. She called crying saying her dad died that day. On sunday we
were able to go there and talk to them both and help them understand
the plan of salvation and even the experience of President Thomas S.
Monson. I think the church came into their lives at the right time.
Its funny the little brothers all call me "Uncle Daddy". haha no no
not Darlin or Daddy but Dahlin! We will really try to bring them close
to the church.

Yeah the Aps have small time to teach people but as a zone leader you
have less time but still enough to teach a good amount. This last week
we only taught 19 lessons I think but its been pretty busy. Mainly our
duties is to look after the needs of the branches we are over and to
teach and direct the work in our zone. Which means to teach Leadership
trainings and Zone meetings and having meeting with the District
presidency.  Friday we went on an exchange with the APs and I took
Elder Skouson into my area and my companion (Elder Myaka) took Elder
Pentreath to another side. It was a lot of fun teaching with him.
Maybe after the mission we will all have to go to hawaii together...?
haha or just come over to our house.

I got the box grandma sent!!! When I saw the milk I really sat at my
desk and drank one for like 5 minutes... Milk is probably one of the
hardest things ive had to give up... Thank you grandma! I am sharing
everything! Except the milk and Nilla waffers.... haha

Thank you for telling me so much about home! its always good to hear
the projects there are getting done and how crazy it is when time
flies. Sophia wants to marry Devon and Natalie is probably going to
get married by the time I get home! "that no small thing-o".

 For mewhat happened this week is something that has never happened on
mission so far. I cant imagine serving somewhere else in the world...
On wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Maurana in his area and
we went contacting at the end of the day. We went up to a man reading
a book and tried to talk to him. He told us hes been a roman catholic
for his whole life and he didnt want to hear what we had to say. I was
kind of taken back.. "are you sure?" It was weird to hear someone not
want to listen to us. I asked if we could leave something to read and
he said no way. As we were walking away I told him this could only
bless your life... haha He said "do you not understand the meaning of
G-O" and then started yelling. I guess it happens a lot in other
countries but that was my first time. 

Another thing that happenedwhile I was on that exchange happened to my companion. He met a muslim
that lived in Sierra Leone but was prompted to leave and become a
Christian. He hadnt been in Liberia for over a week when he felt he
needed to come to the exact spot where he was contacting.. So cool
haha Ohh the work is sweet.
Alright I love you and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Dahlin