Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey mom!
haha so Elder Nabende and Elder Myaka read your first paragraph and laughed a lot! My companion is the one thats frisky!
The box you sent me was amazing. I havent opened the Milk yet but I know it tastes good. Thank you! I like to get that because every month I buy at least one of those.  I am using everything and am happy for the crazy amount of memory you gave me! Elder Poulson has like 8 gigs of all disney music so now im going to take it all! First things first I have to listen to "This is Halloween" from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". Sophia knows whats up. I hope she is blasting the whole cd! Im still eating grandmas box she gave me and it gave me a taste of Halloween! An Elder suggested pop tarts if she happen to send another one for christmas. Cough Cough.. Only the Cinnamon ones of course. :) 

Thats awesome you got an invite to the knife show!! You will have to take pictures of them so we can make them when I get home. You guys and your Iphones :( lucky! For me I did get a new camera and its nice, It is the newer model of the canon but I got it "used" for cheaper. I havent sent pictures for a while because the emailing place has not had power so we have had to use another one that doesnt allow it.
Each missionary gets to email President every week. A few things have happened that are crazy in our zone. We had an emergency transfer and we got one more white man here named Elder Orton. Then the man Elder Kairu that I said was my favorite was sent home to Uganda for medical reasons.I will miss that guy. Maybe he will call the house some time soon if they allow him to be released for small time. He gave me his Uganda jersey which means I guess im going to be playing a lot more football and representing Uganda.
I sent a letter this last week about how my weeks are going. The work has become a lot crazier and this has been the fastest transfer ive had on mission. I was very excited to have zero other lessons and all member presents this week. Plenty work! Just working hard and enjoying it. My companion is crazy but im happy to have  a companion that is not young on mission. We have had some intense lessons teaching people the gospel. This week we have Mission council where all zone leader come and hear from the APs and President so that will be fun. Not that im getting fat or anything but having an American sandwich is one of the best parts of the meeting. haha not fat.. Alright well I love you guys and im always happy to hear from home. I will ask Elder Skouson about Natalies man! 

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