Monday, March 31, 2014

Eli and Ann

Yeah hello again!!!
Well sorry I was in a rush. We come and go somewhere for small time to say goodbye to some of Elder Pentreaths Converts. He goes home the 13th... :(
So I guess you know small about whats going on but just letting you know no worries. Anyting that Good. No small rules we missionaries come and obey. We had a good week this week just working hard and going on exchanges. This week on dads Birthday we will be having mission council and then on friday we will have an exchange. On saturday we will have a meeting with the District Presidency.

 The weeks go by way too fast and I feel like I put so much energy into the work up to 1030 every day but the next day theres always plenty energy. Maybe im becoming an energetic person or something. I love the work and know I can work on all things while im here. It goes by way too quick. The principles of the gospel are founded upon experiencing the challenges given to us. Might as well experience as many challenges now now. Aint you see it? If your in a challenge now pray that you will understand what you are supposed to be enlightened on because of it. If not, pray for one to learn and overcome. Alma 7:14-15 just for fun.
Love you guys and know everything is going well for you. I am staying safe and all bleached up! Have a great week and make sure to send me simple recipes!!
Elder Dahlin

Sorry not much time... But ebola is good dont worry. We are taking all precautions. Now we are super market people that cant buy off the street. We also are not allowed to touch anyone haha crazy. (Ebola is active now in neighboring Guinea and cases are being watched in Liberia and Sierra Leon)

So I need recipes now please. How can you make pumpkin pie? (Someone send him a can of pumpkin and milk  Funny guy!)  Dry season is 6 months long and ends like the end of April.

 The world is crazy but ohh well.

 Sorry for those that had to be moved.. If I was moved I would be so mad!! We wont though haha (we told him about missionaries moved out of Venezuela and Ukraine)

Alright I love you guys and Im doing well. Im sure it was fun at San Fran!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Youre probably about 37 now right?
Elder Dahlin

Monday, March 24, 2014

Branch President and his Wife and Missionary Couple from Nigeria

New Members!

Companion and Branch Mission Leader

Well when I saw Sophia and apartment I jumped small!! I forgot we could be going to school together!! So crazy shes too small, tell her to stop that. Well it sounds like everythings moving along in America! Im not sure when water goes down a drain which direction does it spin? Mine spins counter clockwise.. Sophia drove all the way to Carmel by herself..? Crazy stuff. Im glad Elder Scotty is doing well. I really have no sight of snow in my mind haha 

Well this week was not bad at all! I am still with Elder Zolo which I am very happy for. We have fun together being serious and joking. My companion can be very serious sometimes and bold about telling people to repent. Its great and we have found some good people to teach that will be great. I will not write too much because I want to send some pictures this time!!  I saw some of my converts which was awesome! I only saw seven of them though which is sad. The family I taught didnt come! But Boakai Kamara came who is now the Young Mens President! He is so awesome, he told me he read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and he quoted 2 Nephi 26:13 I think. Then he told me after he read that verse he had a dream that night and saw our Savior. It really strengthened his Testimony of the Savior and the Book of Mormon. Made me want to cry I was so happy to see him. Another convert of mine Ken Cole was supposed to receive the Priesthood but didnt come! Anyway the District Conference was great. Just running around counting everyone and setting everything up. We counted 943 attending. Not bad.
Alright I will send some pictures now! I love you guys and thank you mom for the email. I love to be updated and I will send a letter with some good details about experiences!

Elder Dahlin

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bats in a tree Somewhere in Liberia


Yeah ive only played ping pong one time since we dont go into town often and that was my first time to Presidents house. I cant wait until you guys are a missionary couple. People will love you guys in Australia. 
SO BEFORE I GO FURTHER I NEED ASHLAN WICKSTOMS EMAIL THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Ive asked and I really do need that.
Thank you for the quotes you sent. We refer to teaching by the spirit like a well of water. If theres no water in the well then the spirit will not be able to draw anything out. But when you fill your well with knowledge you well be able to teach whatever the Lord puts into your mind because you have already studied it out.
So this week went by so quick. So much planning and some fun things to do. We had Mission Council on Wednesday and on Friday we had Zone Meeting and Saturday we had District Council but the District Presidency never showed up so it was just traveling. Crazy week and full of running around. Great to be on mission and keep myself so busy throughout the day. At night I have had a few dreams of returning home or working or shooting which has been great too but it makes me want to be slow to workout in the mornings! I do workout but I feel like im getting a little fat... A few Elders said it at mission council haha ohh well!

 If you havent sent me my box yet you could throw in a long sleeve shirt for me! I will send you a few pictures of me trying to look good with me new tailored white shirt that I broke out of the closet. And other good stuff like Jatala ties. I want to take some of these home so I can have awesome gifts and ties for dad. Jatala... 

Anyway our Branch mission leader moved and so did President Sayon so that wasnt fun. Lincoln was great and I hope to see him again. There was a part member family that I baptized in Gardnersville, I forget how many I baptized of them but the mother I almost baptized her and then they moved to Banjor.. I found out that on saturday she was baptized!!! I got permission to call her and I talked to a few of my converts. One is preparing to serve a mission!! This mission is so sweet. I hope to see my converts go on missions. Anyway, Ill send pictures and write a letter later today! No I wont send more money... The money is pretty cool when its clean.
Have a great week and I love you!!! No Elias but me!
Elder Elias Dahlin

Monday, March 3, 2014


One Big Spider

The Temple sounds like a great place to be right now. Sounds like some good work is going on right now. I wish I could help! Yeah it is very crazy that its already March! This mission stuff goes by so quick. Its been great and I am glad for the time I still have to learn though. Everything is good.
Well I dont know about you but the book The Lone Survivor motivated me even more. I cant wait to see it! Just hearing you say there were guys ringing out brings back a lot of thoughts about the training. A lot of the training is so they can almost kill you so you know what its like and you will work past anything no matter what.  I have always wanted to be taking some kind of marshal arts or boxing so I really want to do that when I get home. Now I do know that without mission I wouldnt have been able to do it. I feel as if my thoughts and my process of thinking has sped up so much so I think schooling will be so much better now.
This transfer ends on the 16th so we will see if I go or stay. Most likely I will stay since my companion has spent 5 transfers here and ive only spent 2. Everything is great and I hope the rain continues for yall. Tell Grandma I sorryo for not getting her package from Christmas.. Not fun.
Have a great week Mom!