Monday, March 3, 2014

The Temple sounds like a great place to be right now. Sounds like some good work is going on right now. I wish I could help! Yeah it is very crazy that its already March! This mission stuff goes by so quick. Its been great and I am glad for the time I still have to learn though. Everything is good.
Well I dont know about you but the book The Lone Survivor motivated me even more. I cant wait to see it! Just hearing you say there were guys ringing out brings back a lot of thoughts about the training. A lot of the training is so they can almost kill you so you know what its like and you will work past anything no matter what.  I have always wanted to be taking some kind of marshal arts or boxing so I really want to do that when I get home. Now I do know that without mission I wouldnt have been able to do it. I feel as if my thoughts and my process of thinking has sped up so much so I think schooling will be so much better now.
This transfer ends on the 16th so we will see if I go or stay. Most likely I will stay since my companion has spent 5 transfers here and ive only spent 2. Everything is great and I hope the rain continues for yall. Tell Grandma I sorryo for not getting her package from Christmas.. Not fun.
Have a great week Mom!

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