Monday, March 31, 2014

Sorry not much time... But ebola is good dont worry. We are taking all precautions. Now we are super market people that cant buy off the street. We also are not allowed to touch anyone haha crazy. (Ebola is active now in neighboring Guinea and cases are being watched in Liberia and Sierra Leon)

So I need recipes now please. How can you make pumpkin pie? (Someone send him a can of pumpkin and milk  Funny guy!)  Dry season is 6 months long and ends like the end of April.

 The world is crazy but ohh well.

 Sorry for those that had to be moved.. If I was moved I would be so mad!! We wont though haha (we told him about missionaries moved out of Venezuela and Ukraine)

Alright I love you guys and Im doing well. Im sure it was fun at San Fran!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Youre probably about 37 now right?
Elder Dahlin

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