Monday, March 24, 2014

Well when I saw Sophia and apartment I jumped small!! I forgot we could be going to school together!! So crazy shes too small, tell her to stop that. Well it sounds like everythings moving along in America! Im not sure when water goes down a drain which direction does it spin? Mine spins counter clockwise.. Sophia drove all the way to Carmel by herself..? Crazy stuff. Im glad Elder Scotty is doing well. I really have no sight of snow in my mind haha 

Well this week was not bad at all! I am still with Elder Zolo which I am very happy for. We have fun together being serious and joking. My companion can be very serious sometimes and bold about telling people to repent. Its great and we have found some good people to teach that will be great. I will not write too much because I want to send some pictures this time!!  I saw some of my converts which was awesome! I only saw seven of them though which is sad. The family I taught didnt come! But Boakai Kamara came who is now the Young Mens President! He is so awesome, he told me he read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and he quoted 2 Nephi 26:13 I think. Then he told me after he read that verse he had a dream that night and saw our Savior. It really strengthened his Testimony of the Savior and the Book of Mormon. Made me want to cry I was so happy to see him. Another convert of mine Ken Cole was supposed to receive the Priesthood but didnt come! Anyway the District Conference was great. Just running around counting everyone and setting everything up. We counted 943 attending. Not bad.
Alright I will send some pictures now! I love you guys and thank you mom for the email. I love to be updated and I will send a letter with some good details about experiences!

Elder Dahlin

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