Monday, June 24, 2013

So it seems like this week was extremely busy for you too. Howard looks so good I cant believe thats howard! I also am surprised that ive been out 5 months too haha

 Today for like an hour the sun felt like a sun you would want to tan under! then it went back to normal trying to avoid it at all cost. I wish I learned how to make one and I wish I brought my paracord. Ohh well!
When I was called to be a district leader I got a letter too telling me my duties! its cool because it still said sierra leone freetown mission with president Roggia. I miss that man but I am excited to see president Kirkham. We will see him the 13th of next month which will be sweet. Being district leader has been crazy and fun. Im learning how to love everyone and also correct missionaries. I interviewed 4 people this week and the first one was crazy. You know when a missionary is rushing a baptism... but the other 3 were so great. I love being able to hear peoples testimony of the restored gospel.
Elder Skouson is awesome! He is in my district so yes I know him. He lives in vegas so it would be fun to hangout with him after the mission. 

I will send a picture of my district, the only black one is my companion, Elder Morrison! Its been a lot of fun being a father/trainer. He is a great missionary, hes 26 and he wants grandma to send him some jelly beans or he says he will kill me... I will have to chasten that man... haha just kidding. Its been good seeing our new area and teaching families. We are baptizing 7 next week which will be awesome. Alright well I love you guys and talk to you soon.
Elder Dahlin
Ps sister krumm would give me some of her dresses but shes like a size 2.... and if you got me a new pair of glasses I would love ones like the ones superman has.. and elder skouson.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey mom!
Well this week was pretty great  :) I am really learning how to become a better person really fast. Im also learning how to love and deal with all sorts of people. My new area is so great. We are teaching families which is really weird to me.
Im glad girls camp was fun! seems like there are always crazy experiences there when youre cooking! Last time didnt your fingernail fall off? haha
Sorry I was not able to email yesterday, it was president Roggias fairwell and all of the missionaries in Liberia got together! it was so awesome seeing everyone especially those I just left haha Elder Zaugg and I are always looking up chastizing scriptures to give each other so it was fun to give him a few :)

 I will miss president Roggia. They are awesome and they have definitely done so much in these past 3 years. Its awesome to say that in these past 3 years they have had over 6,000 converts. Every single month we baptize enough to make a new branch haha crazy mission. we have too many people to teach!! So many people just want to learn more and more about Jesus Christ and they are not afraid to ask us about it.
Thank you so much for the box! ive been slowly eating the mini wheats and m&ms haha so good. So my companion is great. He is from ghana and he is half british. He works hard and will for sure be a great missionary. His real father (my mtc) has gotten so fat! it was crazy to see how people have changed in size so much on mission. Well I love being district leader, Its not the easiest when people go against what you say but im learning how to deal with it. for the most part they are obedient and they agree with whatever I say which has been nice. So yeah Its been such a great learning experience. I love you all and im glad you are working hard. I cant wait to be able to explain those pictures a little better!
Elder Dahlin

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beach, Service, Snails for dinner and Goodbye area

Hello everyone
 Well I just got into my new area and its so awesome. My companion seems really great and my district is so great. The apartment is so clean which makes me happy haha Being district leader in this district will be so great because everyone seems so obedient. I guess my new area we have over 40 people with baptismal dates haha so yeah the area is deep in the bush but I have faster internet here? haha weird. I have my own bathroom and the sink works!! I really feel like im living the life now haha The baptismal font is sweet, im so excited for this district and area. I have a lot more on my mind so yeah this is going to go by even faster than before. Lots of work and im excited to train my adopted son! Anyway the work is great, ill miss Elder Zaugg and Smith but it will be sweet to be in this area for a while. 

So Im not sure if ive ever told you this but the people in Liberia are crazy, as in they always have visions and dreams that are real life and will happen. They see Jesus Christ in dreams and crazy things like that. So the other day we were teaching this woman sister musu and she told us that she prayed to know if what we share is true and she had a dream that I was teaching her but in a Liberian dialect! haha thats not the first time someone has had that dream about me haha crazy stuff mann. I also got an african shirt from an investigator which is sweet.

 OHHHH so saturday I got the package you sent me!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe you sent mini wheats :) ohh mann im so excited to not share those and eat them all hahaha If I could find real milk and make real cereal that would be so crazy. Thank you for everything inside! it is all great stuff and I know that water flavoring was stanleys idea :) I also didnt have to pay tax on it which was nice so before grandma sends a package have her do what you did. Last package of hers I have to pay $18 to get it. 

So this next transfer is only 4 weeks long, which means everyone is going home 2 weeks earlier! which is cool since im so close to christmas they could let me come home for it! I wont get my hopes too high though.

 Im loving the  rain right now because when you sleep you could almost put a bed sheet over you. Thats how cold it gets haha You guys are awesome and I miss you :/
Anyway I love you guys and I will be happy to tell you how my new area really is and how it is being district leader haha Love you all!!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi ...

Well the Internets down so I cant see what you have written me yet but ill just start writing… 

So this week was a good week. I got the letters from Lilia!! Thank you so much! I'm going to tape them up on my wall for sure :) It was great to get those! Youre awesome and I will laminate them so they don’t fall apart! 

I think that this week for me has just been an in between week  haha I know that Im leaving to a new zone but I don’t leave for a week! Ive told a few people and one of my recent converts told me she cried all that night haha I will miss this area but im excited to go. My main investigator brother Emmant tarbeh called me and told me he loved me and considered me family. They have been investigators for over 6 months and have never come to church but they promised they will come for my farewell next week! They have given me a glimpse at how a mission would be in America. Not easy haha 

So Elder Pentreath showed me pictures of my new church building and its crazy! There are walls up to you hips but after that its all open. It makes the door look so pointless haha Lately ive just  been planning out all my district stuff and im just excited to go and actually see my district! Its awesome because I get to go on exchanges with all my district and so I planned on july 4th to go on an exchange with an American hehe Elder Skouson. The bad thing is that apparently I wont be able to send pictures at all… and I will be there for at least a month. So today I want to send a bunch home but the internet isn’t even working…  Today we are going to the beach to hangout for my last pday here. I will miss Elder Zaugg and Elder Smith. We would always try and make American food. “French toast tonight?” hahaha we eat plenty of French toast because we always have bread and eggs. Hmm… yeah pretty much. 

Nothing too crazy that I can but Im just excited to go to my new area and have an adopted son haha I don’t like knowing transfer news for two weeks because now im ready to leave..Alright I love you guys and will try to look at the pictures you sent me!