Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey mom!
Well this week was pretty great  :) I am really learning how to become a better person really fast. Im also learning how to love and deal with all sorts of people. My new area is so great. We are teaching families which is really weird to me.
Im glad girls camp was fun! seems like there are always crazy experiences there when youre cooking! Last time didnt your fingernail fall off? haha
Sorry I was not able to email yesterday, it was president Roggias fairwell and all of the missionaries in Liberia got together! it was so awesome seeing everyone especially those I just left haha Elder Zaugg and I are always looking up chastizing scriptures to give each other so it was fun to give him a few :)

 I will miss president Roggia. They are awesome and they have definitely done so much in these past 3 years. Its awesome to say that in these past 3 years they have had over 6,000 converts. Every single month we baptize enough to make a new branch haha crazy mission. we have too many people to teach!! So many people just want to learn more and more about Jesus Christ and they are not afraid to ask us about it.
Thank you so much for the box! ive been slowly eating the mini wheats and m&ms haha so good. So my companion is great. He is from ghana and he is half british. He works hard and will for sure be a great missionary. His real father (my mtc) has gotten so fat! it was crazy to see how people have changed in size so much on mission. Well I love being district leader, Its not the easiest when people go against what you say but im learning how to deal with it. for the most part they are obedient and they agree with whatever I say which has been nice. So yeah Its been such a great learning experience. I love you all and im glad you are working hard. I cant wait to be able to explain those pictures a little better!
Elder Dahlin

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