Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Conference

By the way thank you for the Carpet!!!! hahaha I love it and yes
stanley I loved standing on it. Last night I laid down and read Jesus
the Christ on it, pretending my whole body was on carpet haha I almost
fell asleep!! the things you learn to appreciate on mission. Nilla
waffers and pop tarts!!! wow!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Well im glad that you are home from Maui and everything is going well!! SOooo Austin proposed?! Quiz him hard dad! haha wow well its good to hear from home!  I guess it will be exciting to have Hannah there with two babies and then Lil coming. I made a prediction about Lilia though... She might remember it! If it makes you feel better about Christmas Decorations ive only seen one building with Christmas lights on it. Its great though because nights have been cold lately! well now its to my understanding of 'cold' since I cant remember what real cold is haha
A summer trip would be awesome!!! And that is a ridiculously hard decision! I guess id have to think about that! That would be so much fun. The only thing is that when would it be in the summer since I think I need to be at school in the spring.. I dont think a deferment for another one would be allowed since I deferred for over 2 years already..
Well this week was a crazy week.. Not as much teaching as I wished but ohh well. In the apartment we have a Branch Missionary since we dont have enough Elders right now, this morning he came up to me and told me how much he admired me and he admired me the most because the example I set and how I can lead. He said for me to keep it up since it makes him the happiest to see me and how I conduct myself. It definitely made me feel good since this week was one of the hardest weeks ive had on mission so it really lifted me up. Missionary work is great haha I love the calling ive been given as a Zone Leader since ive been able to have more work and be able to lead and help direct the work. One great experience was tuesday when we contacted six families in a row, each having at least six children. No small thing-o. Also I taught a German man!! I taught a white man!!!!!!!! So weird haha white people... Sorry for you-o to teach white people all day. 

To be learned is great but to be humble is more valuable. We teach really war torn people, I see people my age that were the war children, who have gone crazy because the drugs given to them and the people they killed during the war. Not to say that to make you see the sad things I see but to show that these people still see the affects of the war in day to day life and so they are so submissive to the things you teach them. Anyway, its been great to work with them. If I dont get a white companion this next transfer then a will officially have had no white companions for my first year on mission. Most likely I wont have a white Elder since there are only 3 others that are zone leaders.
Alright ill be teaching now.. Crazy we will be able to talk on the phone so soon!!!!!! Please dont make fun of me too much for how I speak!

Elder Dahlin

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yeah Hello!!

How is Maui treating you?? getting more tan than me? haha I hope you are having so much Ahi for me.. I want Ahi! lucky :) How are Grandma, Sophia, and Stanley doing?

Soo today im really excited to workout but we are out and about so when I get back to the apartment I will do back and shoulders. Ive made such a nice routine for this past month which has really helped burn a lot of fat. A lot of missionaries say they will start to workout the second year of mission which is a bad idea! For me everything has gone well this week. We baptized a girl named Finda. She is 24 and has 4 children and lives alone. To see her baptize was so great. 

This week also a man came to the apartment and hooked up our decorative sink to actually work!!! Its the first time ive had a working sink in the bathroom since ive been on mission. The first time I used it I checked about 5 times to make sure water wasnt just spilling on the floor. So cool to have a sink but sometimes I forget haha. 

Once again in my zone a zone member went home because of sickness! Lame. Its the second one! I guess I need to leave this zone haha. We live in the new georgia branch building and some members have said "ohh youre back?!" or "I thought you already left!" yeah ive stayed in this area for some time now. Maybe I will leave this transfer which happens on the 22nd. I love this branch but theyve been telling me I need to go since ive been here for 5 transfers already. Anyway so the man that replaced the Nigerian who went home is Brother Kellie a branch missionary. Hes great and from Sierra Leone. Also the last missionary who ever had a border exchange from Sierra Leone to Liberia is going home this month :( Now its just Liberia missionaries here. 

If im able to get on a computer that can send pictures I will send a few! I love you guys and hope everything is going great at home and in Maui.

Elder Dahlin


Seems like youre having a blast in a Maui once again! I like the pictures and it seems like mom has gotten a little younger?? hahaha good stuff. Im sure you will be getting dark which makes me sad even though im in the sun all day I just get a big farmers tan. Maybe ill have to go to Maui again one day... cough cough :)

Well this was a good week. I hope it has been a good week for grandma and the kids! We didnt really celebrate Thanksgiving but thats alright. Liberia celebrates it on the first Thursday of November. What got me excited though was to be in the month of December!! I guess I cant really sing "im dreaming of a white Christmas" or "Ill be home for Christmas, you can count on me".. It doesnt really work at the moment. Its getting to be dry season so lots of sweating again. 

For a while the coconuts havent been the best but they are seeming to get good again. Ive been trying to eat one every day and im trying to stay fit.. Even though we eat rice every night but I still try to do my few sets of 50 push ups every day. 

Teaching this week was great. We went on splits and I went with one less active priesthood holder. A few we have been taking to teach with us came to church yesterday which was great! The one I went with is named O Carter .. Which makes me miss Disneyland and want to watch John Carter.. His older brother who has been a member his whole life too has 3 children already and for him his friends always pressure him to born a child. I am so happy that he hasnt because I am really trying to help him to go on mission and get out of Liberia. Not a good place to be.. Its great and all but lots of sin. So we try to take him as often as possible to teach with us and fellowship our investigators. Him and his brother and father (Elders Quorum President) work in a shop and make pots and lids for cooking rice. One Pday we are going there to make one because its metal work and I miss that. 

Anyway work has been good. Im sorry not as many pictures since we are not allowed to take our cameras  proselyting ever. Maybe next monday I will go and take some pictures. 

I hope you have a great week and dont get too tan! I will have to see some pictures! Are you able to get Coconuts easy? 

Elder Dahlin