Saturday, December 14, 2013


Seems like youre having a blast in a Maui once again! I like the pictures and it seems like mom has gotten a little younger?? hahaha good stuff. Im sure you will be getting dark which makes me sad even though im in the sun all day I just get a big farmers tan. Maybe ill have to go to Maui again one day... cough cough :)

Well this was a good week. I hope it has been a good week for grandma and the kids! We didnt really celebrate Thanksgiving but thats alright. Liberia celebrates it on the first Thursday of November. What got me excited though was to be in the month of December!! I guess I cant really sing "im dreaming of a white Christmas" or "Ill be home for Christmas, you can count on me".. It doesnt really work at the moment. Its getting to be dry season so lots of sweating again. 

For a while the coconuts havent been the best but they are seeming to get good again. Ive been trying to eat one every day and im trying to stay fit.. Even though we eat rice every night but I still try to do my few sets of 50 push ups every day. 

Teaching this week was great. We went on splits and I went with one less active priesthood holder. A few we have been taking to teach with us came to church yesterday which was great! The one I went with is named O Carter .. Which makes me miss Disneyland and want to watch John Carter.. His older brother who has been a member his whole life too has 3 children already and for him his friends always pressure him to born a child. I am so happy that he hasnt because I am really trying to help him to go on mission and get out of Liberia. Not a good place to be.. Its great and all but lots of sin. So we try to take him as often as possible to teach with us and fellowship our investigators. Him and his brother and father (Elders Quorum President) work in a shop and make pots and lids for cooking rice. One Pday we are going there to make one because its metal work and I miss that. 

Anyway work has been good. Im sorry not as many pictures since we are not allowed to take our cameras  proselyting ever. Maybe next monday I will go and take some pictures. 

I hope you have a great week and dont get too tan! I will have to see some pictures! Are you able to get Coconuts easy? 

Elder Dahlin

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