Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!!!!!
 So before I forget I think we just get to call on mothers
day and I will call in the afternoon so that Its a little later for
you guys. I think I might be able to call the day before to schedule
the time but im not sure! I think it will be great to have the silva
family home for the summer!! Between dust and muddy I pick muddy for
sure. When it rains at night that means LESS sweating while you sleep

Alright so Im not sure what there is to say about this last week...
Not fun, probably the hardest week ive been here. I was sick almost
all week and didnt go out Tuesday. When you have more time to think
you get pretty home sick. So yeah this week I thought about home a lot
and miss a few things like crazy. One fun thing that happen this week
was transfer news though. My new companion is Elder Dlamini and he is
from south Africa. He is quiet so I do most all the talking and he is
district leader too. Ohh alright another cool experience this week was
with one of those pictures I sent you. Teta the wife told me she knew
the book of mormon was true because of me haha its so great to
actually have a good effect on someones life. 

The couples I think lost
my package... Im not sure but they said they dont have it... I saw a
picture of a white family the other day........ I miss that hahaha ohh
man. Well the missions good though, ive learned a lot this week. this
week just sounds like bad news! well Im running out of contact
solution and so im wearing glasses more. Maybe it would be nice to
have an extra pair of glasses? you could have maddie help pick them
out hahaha yeah its a crazy week but ohh well. I just wish I could
jump in a bath of bleach because I feel so dirty here haha I got sick
of rice and bread for a while and thats all we eat. Anyway I feel like
im just rambling on. blah blah missions great and crazy. Ive learning
a lot taking lead in all the planning and stuff. same area so im happy
about that. Usually you stay  in your first area for the first 6

Alright I love you guys!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, April 22, 2013

The first picture was yesterday at a recent converts house! and the
second one is with the family I was telling you about. How the husband
wouldnt let the book of mormon in the house haha so you can tell me if
it looks like ive gained weight... Id like to know!
Eli can communicate via email too   elias.dahlin@myldsmail.net
Hi Mom!!!!!!!

well I hope Elder Nabendes email to you was a good one.. haha yeah im
realizing more and more that you cant convert someone past your own
conversion. If you dont mean it from the heart it wont affect theirs.
This week was a pretty great week. The couples got a package for me
last monday but I dont think ill see them for another week... so it
will have been here for two weeks before I get to see it! 

Ohh the mission haha yeah my area is the farthest away you can get. They say
that there should be at least 6 missionaries controling my area but we
cant do that yet. Transfer news was supposed to be yesterday but for
sure we will get it this week! week 11 of training was pretty fun, I
loved having the phone and taking control of everything except for
when I would feel like I got a text!! Anyway ill be happy if I train
someone because I really love my area and I want to be able to work
harder. And it will also make me learn to teach the doctrine better.

It sounds like Collin is doing great!! man its funny to hear the
different concerns in different countries. For us its mainly that we
worship the devil and that if you read the Book of Mormon that it will
start spitting out money (thats why we are so rich) or that if you
skip a word that you will go crazy.. haha One family we are teach, the
husband didnt even allow the book in his house! Over these past few
months we have been focusing on his wife and one day last week it
rained really hard so he had to stay inside while we were reading the
book of mormon. Then he slowly moved his chair closer and joined in!
it was great. They are an awesome family but it has been a lot of work
for the husband. 

So every third sunday of the month the missionaries
are in charge of everything for sunday. Like teaching, conducting and
speaking. So I was going to teach sunday school with all the adults, I
planned the lesson they gave me and all, then when I got to class they
told me they studied that one last week... So I had to teach a lesson
that I hadnt studied at all haha It was great! This week has been full
of good stuff. I told one women we contacted what her name was before
she told me it and she was so suprised haha she came to church the
next day! We had a drunk investigator tell us he really knew we cared
about him too and he came to church! (we are going to baptize him and
his family for sure). Ohh sooo I have something for you to look up...
"P. Prime" Hes a person, I just want to see if hes on the internet. Im
not going to town today but maybe next month!

 Alright I love you guys and hope everything is great! Its coming to rainy season here which
means less sweating!! I think im getting to the point where I cant
imagine having a washing machine.... Or AC... Pretty much an awesome
mission! have a great week!

Elias Dahlin
Mom Dahlin

well it is one of the wonderful message that i can write to you, you
know in the companionship some time is not easy but we have been in
good terms until now.

he once told me that i resemble one of his older brother and i said
you lying to me but again he repeated again that was a week when he
left MTC, i said i will also ask your mom if it is true. so am happy
to be among you i you too and your family 

 Elder Nabende

Monday, April 15, 2013

hi mom Dahlin,
am very excited to writing to you this day am Elder NABENDE i come
from Uganda and am with your beloved son in the field here today am
excited to have him he is good friend to me as companions in the field
he is actually doing well here in Africa do not be scared he will be
okay at first i was also afraid of foods here but i got used to it its
interesting. how is everyone in the family he is my son too i love him
and his family, this the reason i decided to write to you
have a good week till we meet next Monday!

Alright… so this week was really crazy. Started out the week with a
not so fun experience and then just didn’t have as many lessons as we
would have liked but they were great lessons :)

 I ate cow skin! It was nasty haha that’s been the only thing ive eaten that’s really been
gross. Everything else looks bad but it tastes good.

Ok so next Monday im going into town!!! So please tell me what kind of
animal skins are illegal to take back to the states. Elder pentreath
bought an alligator skin last time and I really want to get some cool
skins too! And I need a wallet. And I heard that there is a fast food
place in town too! Where they serve real pieces of chicken!!! The
burger is 6 bucks but im sure it will be worth it. Not chick-fila but
who cares!

Grandma is amazing by the way. I never thought id love peanut butter
so much but ohh mann its amazing. I guess if you guys made another box
for me id love some more peanut butter :) 

and the Pocket Reference book for missionaries! That would be a great book to have! 

I love you guys and am so glad you guys are doing well. I wish I was able to have
fun with you and go swimming and all that good stuff, but im really
glad im out here. Its been great so far. This week will probably be
the most stressful week since im in charge of everything! Wish me
Elder Dahlin

The baptisms went great!! we baptized all 6 and confirmed all 6!! and
at the baptismal service we all baptized 28 this last week :) yup this
mission is crazy haha so nothing too special this week... I did see a
few things that I wish I hadnt but other than that it was a good week!
this week I do all the planning and all that good stuff. My companion
acts like hes the new missionary! haha crazy crazy!

Monday, April 8, 2013


(What's this about?)

What movie does this picture remind you of?

Mister cool!

Ohh so by the way I got grandmas package!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I got it last Tuesday!! It was torn into but Im pretty sure nothing was taken :)

grandma really knows how to pack!! I love you grandma!! thank you so

 I never know I need something until I get it haha it was so
awesome! im slowly eating the candy... and that shirt is a little big
but lucky I can get shirts tailored for less than a dollar! haha

 I love it all and it was like christmas! I dont feel so disconnected from
the world now that ive got a package!! and its great to smell
something clean from the states haha

I love you!!
Elder Dahlin

Hey mom!!!

 We weren't able to watch conference but
maybe we will be able to get it in a few weeks idk haha

Well this week was a pretty good week. We went on a lot of exchanges
and I went out with the zone leader Elder Harris one day. That was a
lot of fun and filled with the spirit. I wrote a letter telling a
little bit about it haha crazy people! anyway yeah this week was good.
We were able to have 6 interviews this sunday so my companion and I
are having 6 baptisms on saturday :) Its crazy stuff!

 Im trying to put on a service project for our zone so we will see how that goes within
the next two weeks. I didnt get much sleep last night... so sorry if
im all over the place!

The temple sounds like a lot of fun... I want
to go!! haha grr blah blah 

So we figured out something about this
mission! Every single American that is on the mission has their
Eagle!! So if you want a cool mission make sure your mom helps you get
your Eagle... hahaha Thank you mom!! Yeah this mission is great and
this week was filled with cool experiences of people just feeling the
spirit. I love you guys and miss you a lot..

Love, Eli Dahlin

Ok Ill write a little more about the mission!! its going great. This
week really has been filled with a lot of crazy things. A yelling
argument between a recent convert and her neighbor, people confessing
 some crazy crazy things to us, and the best part is when people
have been keeping to commitments. Its great! when you keep to a
promise there really is a change in your life and you will be blessed
for it! Im so excited for all these people going to be baptized. My
area will be split one day because we go so far and If it does I hope
that I get VOA. they have been our most committed investigators. I
have so much that happens in the week that ive been writing down in
letters so whenever I can you will get letters with more details! 

How is everything going? when are Hannah and Michael moving to california
again?? I miss everyone and I really miss our pool... I just feel like
jumping into water right now hahaha the new missionaries have been
having dreams about teaching the gospel lately... Maybe im a bad
person but Im still having dreams about killing people! there must be
something wrong with them... haha  (too many movies and special forces books!)

Alright I love you guys!
Elder Dahlin

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey mom!!! And everyone else reading haha

Happy Easter!!! and happy birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!!!

So I havent received the box from grandma yet but I did get her letter
yesterday!! sent on the 11th of feb! dont send anything to sierra
leone because it wont get to me for months and months haha but send
anything to the Liberia mail and just specify that im in liberia! I
dont need much... just maybe some water flavoring if you could that
would be nice :) I can buy toothpaste and all that good stuff here.

On saturday we celebrated easter with the relief society and it was
crazy!! beating drums and all crazy dancing was a different experience
for me in the church! haha but good thing we got some potato salad!!
so good. the saturday before that was when those pictures were taken
and mann it was a crazy baptism. The pump stopped working and we didnt
have a hand pump for water... so to fill up the font we had to pull a
bucket up from the well and we did it for about two hours and got it
about to our knees haha so we had a few of our candidates lay down! it
was pretty funny haha

So since this last transfer I have been pretty much all the americans
personal trainers... haha Elder 'pentreth' always asks me what he
should eat and all that good stuff haha its crazy because since ive
been out on the field my muscles have gotten a lot bigger and I feel a
lot stronger hahaha thats either because ive learned how to have an
awesome 30 minute workout or... I eat too much rice hahaha I wont gain
too much weight though!! they figured out each Elder eats about 4 50
pound bags of rice by themselves on this mission haha

On friday I took the new missionary Elder Zaugg to my area!! I was
supposed to take Elder smith too but he was throwing up all day so we
took him back haha but it was so great!! its awesome but im pretty
sure in a month im going to be training... I wonder if he will be
american or not. But yeah crazy. I am trying to learn as much as
possible so I can take over my area if I have to! Im on week 9 of
training and week 11 I take lead the whole week for everything. Im
kind of excited for more responsibility haha So when I got here I
thought it was super easy and now that I know my area and know my
responsibility its a little more stressful. Its great though because
you can see what an influence you make on other peoples lives. One of
our converts musu parker, (the one who wanted to church to build her a
house) actually has sent us money for our phone! its crazy to see the
power of a conversion on someone.

Everything is going great and im learning so much. Im learning how to
be able to handle the rest of my life actually. There is so much ive
learned that ive said "why havent I always done that?" A mission is
great and im glad im learning how to manage my life now and in the
future. I love you guys and miss you all. please keep on reading the
scriptures because they really do have the best effect on you.

Elias Dahlin

ohhhhhhhh!!!! please please send me stamps in a letter!!!! I need them
:( send it to the liberia address and put on it that im in Liberia
please... Thats the one thing I really need