Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey mom!!!

 We weren't able to watch conference but
maybe we will be able to get it in a few weeks idk haha

Well this week was a pretty good week. We went on a lot of exchanges
and I went out with the zone leader Elder Harris one day. That was a
lot of fun and filled with the spirit. I wrote a letter telling a
little bit about it haha crazy people! anyway yeah this week was good.
We were able to have 6 interviews this sunday so my companion and I
are having 6 baptisms on saturday :) Its crazy stuff!

 Im trying to put on a service project for our zone so we will see how that goes within
the next two weeks. I didnt get much sleep last night... so sorry if
im all over the place!

The temple sounds like a lot of fun... I want
to go!! haha grr blah blah 

So we figured out something about this
mission! Every single American that is on the mission has their
Eagle!! So if you want a cool mission make sure your mom helps you get
your Eagle... hahaha Thank you mom!! Yeah this mission is great and
this week was filled with cool experiences of people just feeling the
spirit. I love you guys and miss you a lot..

Love, Eli Dahlin

Ok Ill write a little more about the mission!! its going great. This
week really has been filled with a lot of crazy things. A yelling
argument between a recent convert and her neighbor, people confessing
 some crazy crazy things to us, and the best part is when people
have been keeping to commitments. Its great! when you keep to a
promise there really is a change in your life and you will be blessed
for it! Im so excited for all these people going to be baptized. My
area will be split one day because we go so far and If it does I hope
that I get VOA. they have been our most committed investigators. I
have so much that happens in the week that ive been writing down in
letters so whenever I can you will get letters with more details! 

How is everything going? when are Hannah and Michael moving to california
again?? I miss everyone and I really miss our pool... I just feel like
jumping into water right now hahaha the new missionaries have been
having dreams about teaching the gospel lately... Maybe im a bad
person but Im still having dreams about killing people! there must be
something wrong with them... haha  (too many movies and special forces books!)

Alright I love you guys!
Elder Dahlin

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