Monday, April 15, 2013

Alright… so this week was really crazy. Started out the week with a
not so fun experience and then just didn’t have as many lessons as we
would have liked but they were great lessons :)

 I ate cow skin! It was nasty haha that’s been the only thing ive eaten that’s really been
gross. Everything else looks bad but it tastes good.

Ok so next Monday im going into town!!! So please tell me what kind of
animal skins are illegal to take back to the states. Elder pentreath
bought an alligator skin last time and I really want to get some cool
skins too! And I need a wallet. And I heard that there is a fast food
place in town too! Where they serve real pieces of chicken!!! The
burger is 6 bucks but im sure it will be worth it. Not chick-fila but
who cares!

Grandma is amazing by the way. I never thought id love peanut butter
so much but ohh mann its amazing. I guess if you guys made another box
for me id love some more peanut butter :) 

and the Pocket Reference book for missionaries! That would be a great book to have! 

I love you guys and am so glad you guys are doing well. I wish I was able to have
fun with you and go swimming and all that good stuff, but im really
glad im out here. Its been great so far. This week will probably be
the most stressful week since im in charge of everything! Wish me
Elder Dahlin

The baptisms went great!! we baptized all 6 and confirmed all 6!! and
at the baptismal service we all baptized 28 this last week :) yup this
mission is crazy haha so nothing too special this week... I did see a
few things that I wish I hadnt but other than that it was a good week!
this week I do all the planning and all that good stuff. My companion
acts like hes the new missionary! haha crazy crazy!

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