Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey mom!!! And everyone else reading haha

Happy Easter!!! and happy birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!!!

So I havent received the box from grandma yet but I did get her letter
yesterday!! sent on the 11th of feb! dont send anything to sierra
leone because it wont get to me for months and months haha but send
anything to the Liberia mail and just specify that im in liberia! I
dont need much... just maybe some water flavoring if you could that
would be nice :) I can buy toothpaste and all that good stuff here.

On saturday we celebrated easter with the relief society and it was
crazy!! beating drums and all crazy dancing was a different experience
for me in the church! haha but good thing we got some potato salad!!
so good. the saturday before that was when those pictures were taken
and mann it was a crazy baptism. The pump stopped working and we didnt
have a hand pump for water... so to fill up the font we had to pull a
bucket up from the well and we did it for about two hours and got it
about to our knees haha so we had a few of our candidates lay down! it
was pretty funny haha

So since this last transfer I have been pretty much all the americans
personal trainers... haha Elder 'pentreth' always asks me what he
should eat and all that good stuff haha its crazy because since ive
been out on the field my muscles have gotten a lot bigger and I feel a
lot stronger hahaha thats either because ive learned how to have an
awesome 30 minute workout or... I eat too much rice hahaha I wont gain
too much weight though!! they figured out each Elder eats about 4 50
pound bags of rice by themselves on this mission haha

On friday I took the new missionary Elder Zaugg to my area!! I was
supposed to take Elder smith too but he was throwing up all day so we
took him back haha but it was so great!! its awesome but im pretty
sure in a month im going to be training... I wonder if he will be
american or not. But yeah crazy. I am trying to learn as much as
possible so I can take over my area if I have to! Im on week 9 of
training and week 11 I take lead the whole week for everything. Im
kind of excited for more responsibility haha So when I got here I
thought it was super easy and now that I know my area and know my
responsibility its a little more stressful. Its great though because
you can see what an influence you make on other peoples lives. One of
our converts musu parker, (the one who wanted to church to build her a
house) actually has sent us money for our phone! its crazy to see the
power of a conversion on someone.

Everything is going great and im learning so much. Im learning how to
be able to handle the rest of my life actually. There is so much ive
learned that ive said "why havent I always done that?" A mission is
great and im glad im learning how to manage my life now and in the
future. I love you guys and miss you all. please keep on reading the
scriptures because they really do have the best effect on you.

Elias Dahlin

ohhhhhhhh!!!! please please send me stamps in a letter!!!! I need them
:( send it to the liberia address and put on it that im in Liberia
please... Thats the one thing I really need

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