Monday, December 22, 2014

last email

So this week was pretty awesome. I have been going through fazes of sadness and excitement. The best description is probably bitter sweet. I have been able to influence those that I knew I was here for and I know I will continue to influence them. I know that my mission has been the greatest decision ive ever made and I am thankful I have been diligent to it and made the effort to talk to my Heavenly Father and internalize what I teach. I am excited to go back and apply it in the real world. Ive learned my strengths and weaknesses and know I am not perfect but I am wanting to be the best person I can be. A few families here have really helped me see the importance of the gospel and how happy they are makes me want to be like them. Exciting to be a missionary and have the spirit so close to me. I love you all and am thankful for all the support and prayers you have given me since ive been here and through all the craziness in Liberia. I love this work and I love the Lord. Its fun to have learned how to be a Latter Day Saint. I wont skype but ill call you Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!
See you soon.
Elder Elias Dahlin

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hey Mom!
I am perfectly fine with not getting presents on Christmas day. Sophia might need surgery?? Thats crazy. I hope you liked the Christmas card... Good stuff.
This week was awesome! First, last pday we went on a hike on the appalachian trail to the falls. That was a hard hike and it showed that I am still out of shape. 

The next day we had our half mission conference. Elder Renlund of the Seventy came and taught us. I probably wont forget but I got to have a personal interview with him and there were a few things he wanted me to tell you. SO dont let me forget! President Griffin is always a great speaker and is always caring in how he acts towards us. Wednesday I stayed in Johnson City with Elder Beard who is from California. It was a good exchange and I saw a few people that had not been seen for a while. Thursday we sung at the VA and then did service for Alan. We also  put up lights for Alan and that was crazy. Probably a 35 foot tree and we were wearing dress clothes! Right after on Saturday we went to Jennie Windhams wedding reception. Way to make me think about marriage! 

Yesterday we had Zone conference. President and the Assistants gave us instruction and then we had lunch, Skits, Dodge ball, and we watched the movie frozen!! Our district did a skit called "Finding Elder Dahlin" Based off of finding Nemo. I was a missionaries straight from the MTC and I got distracted and lost my trainer. It was fun and ironic that im going home soon and I pretended to be new :)

 Pretty much every day has been busy for us. Im realizing for real that I am going home soon. Last night we had an awesome lesson with Sister Anderson. This is a family I love a lot and It was such a powerful lesson that helped her answer some of her doubts. She committed to baptism! So awesome. Its all going really well.
Well I hope seminary is going well for you!
I love you and will see you soon!
Elder Dahlin