Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!!!!!
 So before I forget I think we just get to call on mothers
day and I will call in the afternoon so that Its a little later for
you guys. I think I might be able to call the day before to schedule
the time but im not sure! I think it will be great to have the silva
family home for the summer!! Between dust and muddy I pick muddy for
sure. When it rains at night that means LESS sweating while you sleep

Alright so Im not sure what there is to say about this last week...
Not fun, probably the hardest week ive been here. I was sick almost
all week and didnt go out Tuesday. When you have more time to think
you get pretty home sick. So yeah this week I thought about home a lot
and miss a few things like crazy. One fun thing that happen this week
was transfer news though. My new companion is Elder Dlamini and he is
from south Africa. He is quiet so I do most all the talking and he is
district leader too. Ohh alright another cool experience this week was
with one of those pictures I sent you. Teta the wife told me she knew
the book of mormon was true because of me haha its so great to
actually have a good effect on someones life. 

The couples I think lost
my package... Im not sure but they said they dont have it... I saw a
picture of a white family the other day........ I miss that hahaha ohh
man. Well the missions good though, ive learned a lot this week. this
week just sounds like bad news! well Im running out of contact
solution and so im wearing glasses more. Maybe it would be nice to
have an extra pair of glasses? you could have maddie help pick them
out hahaha yeah its a crazy week but ohh well. I just wish I could
jump in a bath of bleach because I feel so dirty here haha I got sick
of rice and bread for a while and thats all we eat. Anyway I feel like
im just rambling on. blah blah missions great and crazy. Ive learning
a lot taking lead in all the planning and stuff. same area so im happy
about that. Usually you stay  in your first area for the first 6

Alright I love you guys!
Elder Dahlin

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