Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi Mom!!!!!!!

well I hope Elder Nabendes email to you was a good one.. haha yeah im
realizing more and more that you cant convert someone past your own
conversion. If you dont mean it from the heart it wont affect theirs.
This week was a pretty great week. The couples got a package for me
last monday but I dont think ill see them for another week... so it
will have been here for two weeks before I get to see it! 

Ohh the mission haha yeah my area is the farthest away you can get. They say
that there should be at least 6 missionaries controling my area but we
cant do that yet. Transfer news was supposed to be yesterday but for
sure we will get it this week! week 11 of training was pretty fun, I
loved having the phone and taking control of everything except for
when I would feel like I got a text!! Anyway ill be happy if I train
someone because I really love my area and I want to be able to work
harder. And it will also make me learn to teach the doctrine better.

It sounds like Collin is doing great!! man its funny to hear the
different concerns in different countries. For us its mainly that we
worship the devil and that if you read the Book of Mormon that it will
start spitting out money (thats why we are so rich) or that if you
skip a word that you will go crazy.. haha One family we are teach, the
husband didnt even allow the book in his house! Over these past few
months we have been focusing on his wife and one day last week it
rained really hard so he had to stay inside while we were reading the
book of mormon. Then he slowly moved his chair closer and joined in!
it was great. They are an awesome family but it has been a lot of work
for the husband. 

So every third sunday of the month the missionaries
are in charge of everything for sunday. Like teaching, conducting and
speaking. So I was going to teach sunday school with all the adults, I
planned the lesson they gave me and all, then when I got to class they
told me they studied that one last week... So I had to teach a lesson
that I hadnt studied at all haha It was great! This week has been full
of good stuff. I told one women we contacted what her name was before
she told me it and she was so suprised haha she came to church the
next day! We had a drunk investigator tell us he really knew we cared
about him too and he came to church! (we are going to baptize him and
his family for sure). Ohh sooo I have something for you to look up...
"P. Prime" Hes a person, I just want to see if hes on the internet. Im
not going to town today but maybe next month!

 Alright I love you guys and hope everything is great! Its coming to rainy season here which
means less sweating!! I think im getting to the point where I cant
imagine having a washing machine.... Or AC... Pretty much an awesome
mission! have a great week!

Elias Dahlin

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