Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi ...

Well the Internets down so I cant see what you have written me yet but ill just start writing… 

So this week was a good week. I got the letters from Lilia!! Thank you so much! I'm going to tape them up on my wall for sure :) It was great to get those! Youre awesome and I will laminate them so they don’t fall apart! 

I think that this week for me has just been an in between week  haha I know that Im leaving to a new zone but I don’t leave for a week! Ive told a few people and one of my recent converts told me she cried all that night haha I will miss this area but im excited to go. My main investigator brother Emmant tarbeh called me and told me he loved me and considered me family. They have been investigators for over 6 months and have never come to church but they promised they will come for my farewell next week! They have given me a glimpse at how a mission would be in America. Not easy haha 

So Elder Pentreath showed me pictures of my new church building and its crazy! There are walls up to you hips but after that its all open. It makes the door look so pointless haha Lately ive just  been planning out all my district stuff and im just excited to go and actually see my district! Its awesome because I get to go on exchanges with all my district and so I planned on july 4th to go on an exchange with an American hehe Elder Skouson. The bad thing is that apparently I wont be able to send pictures at all… and I will be there for at least a month. So today I want to send a bunch home but the internet isn’t even working…  Today we are going to the beach to hangout for my last pday here. I will miss Elder Zaugg and Elder Smith. We would always try and make American food. “French toast tonight?” hahaha we eat plenty of French toast because we always have bread and eggs. Hmm… yeah pretty much. 

Nothing too crazy that I can but Im just excited to go to my new area and have an adopted son haha I don’t like knowing transfer news for two weeks because now im ready to leave..Alright I love you guys and will try to look at the pictures you sent me! 


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