Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello everyone
 Well I just got into my new area and its so awesome. My companion seems really great and my district is so great. The apartment is so clean which makes me happy haha Being district leader in this district will be so great because everyone seems so obedient. I guess my new area we have over 40 people with baptismal dates haha so yeah the area is deep in the bush but I have faster internet here? haha weird. I have my own bathroom and the sink works!! I really feel like im living the life now haha The baptismal font is sweet, im so excited for this district and area. I have a lot more on my mind so yeah this is going to go by even faster than before. Lots of work and im excited to train my adopted son! Anyway the work is great, ill miss Elder Zaugg and Smith but it will be sweet to be in this area for a while. 

So Im not sure if ive ever told you this but the people in Liberia are crazy, as in they always have visions and dreams that are real life and will happen. They see Jesus Christ in dreams and crazy things like that. So the other day we were teaching this woman sister musu and she told us that she prayed to know if what we share is true and she had a dream that I was teaching her but in a Liberian dialect! haha thats not the first time someone has had that dream about me haha crazy stuff mann. I also got an african shirt from an investigator which is sweet.

 OHHHH so saturday I got the package you sent me!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe you sent mini wheats :) ohh mann im so excited to not share those and eat them all hahaha If I could find real milk and make real cereal that would be so crazy. Thank you for everything inside! it is all great stuff and I know that water flavoring was stanleys idea :) I also didnt have to pay tax on it which was nice so before grandma sends a package have her do what you did. Last package of hers I have to pay $18 to get it. 

So this next transfer is only 4 weeks long, which means everyone is going home 2 weeks earlier! which is cool since im so close to christmas they could let me come home for it! I wont get my hopes too high though.

 Im loving the  rain right now because when you sleep you could almost put a bed sheet over you. Thats how cold it gets haha You guys are awesome and I miss you :/
Anyway I love you guys and I will be happy to tell you how my new area really is and how it is being district leader haha Love you all!!
Elder Dahlin

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