Monday, March 10, 2014


Yeah ive only played ping pong one time since we dont go into town often and that was my first time to Presidents house. I cant wait until you guys are a missionary couple. People will love you guys in Australia. 
SO BEFORE I GO FURTHER I NEED ASHLAN WICKSTOMS EMAIL THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Ive asked and I really do need that.
Thank you for the quotes you sent. We refer to teaching by the spirit like a well of water. If theres no water in the well then the spirit will not be able to draw anything out. But when you fill your well with knowledge you well be able to teach whatever the Lord puts into your mind because you have already studied it out.
So this week went by so quick. So much planning and some fun things to do. We had Mission Council on Wednesday and on Friday we had Zone Meeting and Saturday we had District Council but the District Presidency never showed up so it was just traveling. Crazy week and full of running around. Great to be on mission and keep myself so busy throughout the day. At night I have had a few dreams of returning home or working or shooting which has been great too but it makes me want to be slow to workout in the mornings! I do workout but I feel like im getting a little fat... A few Elders said it at mission council haha ohh well!

 If you havent sent me my box yet you could throw in a long sleeve shirt for me! I will send you a few pictures of me trying to look good with me new tailored white shirt that I broke out of the closet. And other good stuff like Jatala ties. I want to take some of these home so I can have awesome gifts and ties for dad. Jatala... 

Anyway our Branch mission leader moved and so did President Sayon so that wasnt fun. Lincoln was great and I hope to see him again. There was a part member family that I baptized in Gardnersville, I forget how many I baptized of them but the mother I almost baptized her and then they moved to Banjor.. I found out that on saturday she was baptized!!! I got permission to call her and I talked to a few of my converts. One is preparing to serve a mission!! This mission is so sweet. I hope to see my converts go on missions. Anyway, Ill send pictures and write a letter later today! No I wont send more money... The money is pretty cool when its clean.
Have a great week and I love you!!! No Elias but me!
Elder Elias Dahlin

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