Monday, March 31, 2014

Yeah hello again!!!
Well sorry I was in a rush. We come and go somewhere for small time to say goodbye to some of Elder Pentreaths Converts. He goes home the 13th... :(
So I guess you know small about whats going on but just letting you know no worries. Anyting that Good. No small rules we missionaries come and obey. We had a good week this week just working hard and going on exchanges. This week on dads Birthday we will be having mission council and then on friday we will have an exchange. On saturday we will have a meeting with the District Presidency.

 The weeks go by way too fast and I feel like I put so much energy into the work up to 1030 every day but the next day theres always plenty energy. Maybe im becoming an energetic person or something. I love the work and know I can work on all things while im here. It goes by way too quick. The principles of the gospel are founded upon experiencing the challenges given to us. Might as well experience as many challenges now now. Aint you see it? If your in a challenge now pray that you will understand what you are supposed to be enlightened on because of it. If not, pray for one to learn and overcome. Alma 7:14-15 just for fun.
Love you guys and know everything is going well for you. I am staying safe and all bleached up! Have a great week and make sure to send me simple recipes!!
Elder Dahlin

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