Monday, October 21, 2013

yeah hello!
Wow, some fun emails today! haha Some things that are written its very hard not to laugh because I can just picture you all saying it. I loved grandmas email and yeah her package was awesome! I got my package from the family just now so im excited to open it! Ive seen it for a few days but on saturday we went to town and went on a one hour exchange with the APs and then went to the District Presidency meeting so we were not able to come back in time to pick it up.
Sounds like some fun things are going on at home! IPHONES!!! I miss my iphone haha You will love it when you get used to the texting mom. Then you will never want to go back to texting with buttons. Thats sad about the Malaria thing... It seems like I just read an article from Jeffery R Holland saying sickness is most often a result from disobedience.. sorry yeah haha I will try my best to stay healthy! ;)
Well this week was not too crazy. Just saturday was a crazy day going back in forth in town. Im really learning to love all of these people. Especially the missionaries I serve with. We had an unexpected transfer that took Elder Maurana out of our zone and that was sad.. Now we have another white man.. ohh well! Hes good. Elder Kairu is my favorite mann in our apartment and there was a chance for him to leave and he chose to stay which I was happy for. Hes my grandson on mission. My great grandson is from Ghana and hes doing really well. 

One thing that ive been working on this week has been my scriptures. I understand now why there is no way a returned missionary would give away his scriptures.. They become awesome and you cant read anyone elses. 

So my boots have been spoiled for over a month and its fun to proselyte where there is water, because I make my companion carry me across it haha I dont think he likes that one too much but its the end of rainy season and id rather not get new boots. My companion always calls me a Frisky American, this is my second South African companion and hes fun.
Well Its been a lot of fun lately. I hope that every Pday I will be able to play volleyball so I can get good at it. I hope everything is going great at home still and that stanley and Marvin are able to help around the house. I love you!

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