Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Daddio,
Life in the bush is sweet. Just having fun teaching the gospel. Lately we have been teaching a few families which are great. One culture of this mission is that we invite to be baptized on the first visit and its been great to see how willing people are to accept the gospel.

San Fran sounds like a lot of fun, especially having hot chocolate. All they have here is some stuff with nutrition in it. I would love to see a blade! That  would be fun if you learned how to do damascus so that when I get home we could make some crazy ones.

 I know a few people that can get me big water snakes so I will buy one and take it home and cook it one day when they catch me one. People dont like the idea of eating snake? Anyway this was a good week.  Long suffering is a good attribute to have haha. Alright dad I hope everything is going well.  Love you dad.

Elder Dahlin

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