Monday, November 25, 2013

Sorry for no email last week. Maybe it wasnt as eventful which means I think this time I have a few more things to say! Sounds like some crazy things are happening at church lately. Just remember that some things the Lord has asked us to focus on and one of them truly is speeding up the work of salvation. Meaning lots of effort into ward mission leaders and missionary work. The members might feel neglected small but we need to work together for the work. It is all about work for others.  Thank you for sending a box!! I always get excited for them and so does the apartment, if I want to share.. pshh haha just kidding :)
So great. This week was District conference and it was an awesome experience. We got to sleep at the mission office which was my first time and I realized how awesome where Elder Skouson and Pentreath live is!! we slept there because traffic could have made us late to get home and we would have had to wake up very early to travel for it so it was easier to sleep there. We all taught in the APs area and they gave Elder Orton and I a man that was really drunk that had just been baptized. I told him next time to trunk it on the wall or the floor next time he got alcohol. We told him we loved him and invited him to pray for strength, right when we said that he got on the floor and started praying! so we had to rush and join him haha good stuff. He came to church the next day though :) When we were listening to President Kirkham speak to all the Recent converts it was awesome because he said, "All you weak ones stand up" He meant the missionaries haha President is great. He really can speak so well and teach amazing principles, Along with Elder Curtis, The Africa West President. It was great to be able to hear him speak because he is very enthusiastic.
Anyway one great thing I was that over 100 men received the Priesthood. It was great because my Recent converts in this area and my last stood along with everyone else to be sustained. I did not get to see my Converts in my last area because they are in a different District but Elder Pentreath told be about Brother Kamara. We baptized him right before I left and now he is the Branch Mission Leader!! Mann it was so great to hear that. The man I taught as a missionary is now leading the missionaries in their efforts with the branch. Missionary work is so sweet. One the other hand my branch mission leader in my branch thinks he is a missionary and trys to tell us what to do. I could go off and what happened this week with him but basically I yelled at him and hopefully he understands. Maybe its about time I switch areas haha
Everything is going great though and ive really learned a lot. I am so happy that our zone is doing so well. Our key indicators are the best in the mission which makes me proud of all the missionaries. I will send a few pictures of this week!!

I love you
Elder Dahlin

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