Monday, March 25, 2013

 So I got letters!!

"Dear Elder" is great! i got one from mom and one from hannah :) and
some from the Reeds :) so using dear elder now you put the new mission
name otherwise i dont know if ill get them! so Monrovia Liberia
mission :)  (Not sure if that's an option quite yet ...)

So the people in Liberia.... Hmm how do I describe them haha Poor and
Humble is the best way! my companion started getting mad at this one
girl for telling us her priest knew the bible and she still wanted to
feed us after! haha we baptized 3 this saturday and it was pretty
great. Im learning that I dont tell stories to investigators very
often. so for me I just say "This is the gospel, these are the
blessing you get from living it... bamm done" hahaha ill learn to talk
more haha the new missionaries are alright. ones 18 haha youngin.

 This week was a lot better and im loving it more and more. I need to send
pictures home and maybe ill mail my card home! I love you guys! 

crazy sophia will be taking her test for college! man dont let too much
happen while im gone haha
Elder Dahlin

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