Monday, March 11, 2013


Yeah.... I think I knew that since the beginning of my mission... I
thought I told you! haha ohh well so yeah ill be in Liberia all my
mission haha Thats fine I like it here!! its still really hot to me
though but thats ok. I drink a lot of water!

Sounds like some work is being done to howard thats awesome!! big
project though... 

So this week was a good week!! tuesday is going to
sound more like a fun day when I describe it... We took a motorcycle
to the beach and walked along a big beach until we got to our area..
then we had a lesson on the beach hahaha yeah its like the other side
of heaven. I have the girl AND the coolest mission ;)

 Alright actually
this week was kind of bad.. we planned for next sunday 5 baptisms and
then only two showed up... then after church we found out that one of
those two was asking the relief society about building her a new house
when she becomes a member!!!!! stupid... and she gave us like 5 new
investigators so we have to question all of them.. yeah it was crazy..
but I actually got in the water to baptize this last week :) 

I live in Banjor right next to brewersville.. hmm its close to Duala haha I
teach in VOA camp #1 and thats the refugee camp... so many people just
walking around with no clothes on... hahaha sorry if thats too much
 I wear my contacts a few times a week but i think im
going to start wearing them more!! that would be a bummer if my
glasses ever got lost but I take good care of them :) well I love you
guys and hope you're doing great! I think about everyone a lot and you
are all definitely in my prayers.

Elias Dahlin

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