Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Look at my mother sending me an email through her Iphone!!! haha Thats sweet-o!  Seems like you all had a pretty eventful week with Hannah and the new Babay! I am sure you are happy to be home though! Are you home yet? And sophia!! Thats a very unique dress!! Its awesome!!
Well Its been a very eventful week and there's a lot more to think about on this side. I love this side so much better than Monrovia side because its closer together, more baptisms, and baptisms are combined so there are so many people there. 

The apartment is so much nicer too!! We have generator but we have a fridge so water gets cold! I have my own bed too and not a bunk bed!!!! There are some great things about this apartment. You remember that rotten casava I was talking about? Fufu? We could call our investigator and have it delivered to the apartment every day if we wanted! So good. We also get an FM every night from our Branch President and we eat so much food... The apartment is in my area too so its easy to stop for lunch.. Wow I might get fat here but I am starting to workout even more so I guess we will see! 

At baptisms saturday I saw Sister Solomie!!! She was the 1st councilors wife in Banjor branch who would always feed us. She said I look so grown up like a man now haha I guess it has been 7 months since ive seen her. 

On Wednesday we had Mission Council and the room has AC in it. When we stopped for Lunch I was so happy to get out of the room! Its not going to be easy going back to the cold or normal weather since im used to more heat now. One thing I did finally was buy a good pair of pants! Well our Branch Mission Leader did it today haha I will send a picture of what I used compared to my new pair. 

Well there is so much work to be done in my zone. Elder Zolo is a great missionary and is teaching me French. We conducted Leadership training Friday and I was able to see my second son Elder Falemai! Hes doing great. So I have conducted 30 interviews for Candidates to be baptized and the 30th one is the first one ive ever interviewed that has never broken the law of Chastity. I was so excited! Anyway, everythings great. I have a lot of work to do which is great since this week was full but fast and I have learned a lot already. I hope everyone is doing great and I miss you all but Im happy to be here. I do hope what I am doing has been blessing everyone at home.
Elder Elias Dahlin 

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