Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey mom!!
What you described is what we hold a record for. If a member comes with you to go and teach an investigator that lesson is a member present lesson. So last week we taught more member presents than other lessons which means a member was not there. Thats never happened in any mission ever. :) 
Collin is going home in two weeks?!?! How is that possible haha.. thats crazy stuff. Id be very upset if he married while I was still on mission.. I guess he will end up getting married before me anyway haha wow thats weird. 
Tom Krebs better still go on trips with dad! If not I guess ill have to go with him on the Fatboy... darn..
No I dont think the valentinos are fake because Ghana gets good stuff then it gets to Liberia. Jatala ties are what everyone wants but its hard since they are only made in Nigeria where white people are not allowed there.
Kevin is done with Military? how many years has it been?
I wonder if you would be able to dig a well so you would be able to hand pump your water? its no small thing im sure but it would be great.. Now I know how to survive off a pump and rice and whatever kind of greens you can find in the field for food. Rice and Beans is all you really need! We are now entering the hottest part of dry season where the sun doesnt stop and very dusty all day.
SO WHEN LONE SURVIVOR COMES OUT ON DVD I WANT IT!!!! Hey man thats awesome and Ive of course been thinking about the SEALs. I guess im being prepared for it and have a lot of time to see if thats what I need to do.
This week has been a good week just full of work and fun. If you want suggestions for a box to send me I would love a few pairs of thick socks.. a journal since this one is almost full and stanley had suggested a frisbee. Thats all :) 

Just a lot of things have happened and I feel that im becoming more and more busy and the days seem to fly by. I will send pictures of what happened last monday of the old hotel we visited and took some good pictures. Liberia really does have some extremes and some of the things we teach you never thought it would be necessary to teach but theres always a concern. "No you cant say that God is that chair.." haha They definitely need to be taught a lot of the gospel. We have interviews with President Kirkham this week and it went well. President is great and I just talk to him like I talk to a Leader and a Friend. We talked a lot about the zone and what he sees the zone members can work on. Hes great. I guess theres not much else to say about that. We will baptize 3 sisters this week which will be good. Baptize so that we can find more families! Alright well I will just send you pictures! Love you and hope the drought isnt too bad.

Elder Dahlin

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