Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb. 18th,2013


Hey mom and everyone!!
well... hand sanitizer would be nice haha thats the only thing i think
i need! Thank you for everything guys :) well we had 3 baptisms
Saturday and a total of 14 baptized in our service saturday haha The
other week they made a record i think of 26 baptisms in one service!
lets see what happened this week.. I gave out a few book of mormons
which was a lot of fun. Its been fun learning a lot from these
africans and I really would like to be so much better of a person. its
crazy to want to keep things for myself because i just want to give
everything to these people that dont have anything.. i dont think
youre supposed to help people pay for rides but its hard not to haha i
do have to be careful because i have like 4.66 to spend every day.
well i want to see those dogs!! send a few pictures!! I love you guys
and i hope you know youre in my prayers all the time. one thing that
ive never realized is that prayer has the biggest impact on your life
than anything. If you keep talking to heavenly father then you will be
a different person all together. grr its weird talking like a
missionary but its all so true! so here is the culture of the mission:
first visit you always invite them to baptism (nobody has said no to
us yet) second, a convert will bring another convert. third a convert
of missionary age always serves a mission. its all so crazy and so so
easy. I feel like i was given the easiest mission in the world haha
who cares about heat and all that good stuff haha
yeah i have water from a tank that has to be purified twice.. in my
bath i dont open my mouth haha diseases are not good!! yeah there are
some crazy things here that ill tell you about when i get home but
other than that its awesome!
alright i love you guys! talk to you soon,
Elder Dahlin ;)

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  1. Yes, that quote was from Eli! It was in his email to Sophia! Who knew that missionaries ride motorcycles!!