Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey Everybody!

For the package!!!!! wrap it all in tape so nobody can get into it and
put pictures of jesus on it! Also write on it: missionary supplies
worth $5. That way nobody opens it!! haha so if you could send me
stamps that would be great.. I can't buy any here and also if you could
get me a small flashlight that I can use to read with please!
sometimes we dont have enough fuel for the generator so we wait in the
dark to save gas haha fun stuff!

sounds like the house is almost done?! haha im sorry you got sick mom
:( I wish i could be there to help work for you! No I haven't baptized
anyone yet but I think I will this week or next week :) my companion
and I have 10 investigators getting baptized this month :) Its crazy..
there's not enough time in the day for all these people and whenever
your walking to an appointment we always get new people that run up to
us or ask us if we can talk to them. One guy was saying 'im begging
you, teach me'   yeah its probably the craziest mission in the world.
Everyone says it is the best mission in the world and will be the
easiest two years of your life. besides missing home of course.. So i'm
doing good, this week was really hard because im realizing more and
more that im actually in africa haha but I love learning and I'm loving
the fact that when someone asks a question now I'm able to say "well
lets look at what it says in the scriptures about that" haha alright
well I love you guys and miss you. Are you naming the blue "blue'?
Elder Dahlin

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