Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 11th 2013 Bush Rod Island

You should send me a few pictures of the dogs! not off of your camera though because they would never load here. haha but anyway the mission is going great. Ive learned a lot about myself and realize that I need to be better because the gospel is real. its really something that we need to apply to our every day lives. A missionary told me about a 40 year old girl in his ward in utah and in her blessing that while shes alive she will get to see Jesus Christ and give him a hug. This is really our time to prepare for that day. everyone is but they dont know the truth of it. As we come closer to our heavenly father we will be blessed no matter what. I wish I could explain how much ive been affected by the mission already but all I can really say is that I know its true and I know that I need to be more hard working. Theres so much that goes on over here that everyone trusts in heavenly father. the thing ive done most since ive been here is ask baptismal questions haha the first real investigator i helped teach it was his second lesson and we asked him to be baptized and he said yeah just like that. This mission averages 2 baptisms per month per missionary. The best mission in the world for baptisms. crazy stuff.

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