Thursday, February 14, 2013

Elder Dahlin in Africa

Hello again!!!

did you guys get my first email?? well i miss you. this has been a different experience all together! so we have a generator and when we have fuel we use it from 7-10 at night! most missions and even in sierra leone they proselyte till 930 but we do until 630, for reasons i wont say.. haha but its crazy here, the people are teaching me more than anything and its so insane how much they listen. We will never spend any time finding people because everyone listens and everyone has a friend that listens in on the lesson that we end up teaching. Ive definitely seen things I havent wanted to see and ive eaten some things that havent been the best haha but for some reason the rice tastes so good! lets see... I eat rice, rice, rice, and a little more rice with beans. Ive eaten chicken feet which is the weirdest thing so far! bone and all.. we take motorcycles to get places and off the island i live on haha bush rod island is where I am and i proselyte in VOA 1 which is a refuge camp. The church is helping build a toilet which is cool. we polish our shoes every day because its so dusty because the sahara winds. My companion reminds me of Eldon a little bit haha its been fun being in a house with 5 other guys. hard to understand but its fun. ive taken pictures but I cant send them because the computers are slow and dont have the right slot. Ill send some in letters! what else... we talk about obama sometimes and i get so mad haha tell grandma thank you for the shoe polish!!!! i dont know what i would do without it and hunters bottle he got me and my steripen! you could forward this to them and maddie of course :) so the little kids sophia and lilia would die if they came here. they run up to me and hug me all the time and yell "whiteman" the language is like hearing a baby talk.. really talk like a baby would and thats the language... did you send maddie her package??
well I love you guys and I hope youre having fun :) its hot here, just saying haha i used that bar of soap in two week!
love yall!
Elder Dahlin

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