Monday, September 23, 2013

(red and green? what does that mean? anyone?)

Hey mom!!!
Today we have shorter time on the computers but I will say hopefully everything I want to say. President Kirkham gave this scripture to help in missionary work. Alma 26:22, See if it helps. 

 It seems like an awesome vent dad put in Stanleys room! I hope its nice and keeps the heats down. Good thing I didnt have that otherwise I'd be less prepared for the heat of Africa haha.
So my area is doing great! Just lots of people that havent been serious lately but we have found a lot of good people that will be baptized. All my candidates have a problem with the law of Chastity though.. This one guy I almost hurt because he left his wife for 2 weeks without telling her where he was going. Brotherly love... haha yeah some things are crazy here always but you get past it. 

I have realized that the SEALs really is something that I want.. I know im focused on the mission but I have been given so much revelation on the things I should be doing. I think that I will continue with Mechanical Engineering and Minor in business because it would be awesome to farm in Texas. I will have to ask Hunter on some thoughts on that one. Who knows, but I would love to know the prerequisites for Texas A&M and their SEAL program. 

The couples just came and inspected our celestial apartment this morning and saw my snail shells and they want me to buy more for them haha 

Something else ive realized lately is that my favorite scriptures are always red and green. I think that christmas is my favorite time of year... which seems so close to me so im kind of excited for that. I feel like on a lot of missions they say the first 6 months you dont feel like you're making much of a difference. I feel like my whole mission has flown by and there is a difference more so in me than anything else. Having said that, I have learned a lot lately about being a leader and how to manage that. There have been a few very mad times lately but I have learned how to relay my message and what I feel to be important in a better and more caring way. Especially with my first son we have had some hard conversations but we really have learned a lot from one another. I do serve with some great missionaries and I hope that my companion Elder Falemai learns the things he needs to know. Hes a soft guy but hes learning small small. haha

 I hope that everything at home just keeps getting better and I hope all of the family shows the Love that is needed. Love,
Eli Dahlin

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