Monday, September 9, 2013

hi mom!
wow a lot of different things are happening at home. 

Here it doesnt seem like things are going according to plan .. My camera was stolen with my card which only had room to take like 4 more pictures.. So one third of my mission pictures are gone.. I know I could get a camera here but the bummer is the pictures, and it was a nice camera! so all the pictures ive sent you if you could save all of them id love that. I usually send you all the good ones. I used Elder Andersons camera to send a few pictures of what I ate this week.

 I hope grandma and grandpa are doing alright, I will of course keep them in my prayers. Its always good to fast for those blessings to come. We all can be blinded by anything in this life so its always important to follow all of Gods commandments so that we can see past it. 

Im glad you like the pictures I send! Its crazy natalie is in France! I havent talked to her for a long time and hunter either. Ive emailed him a few times but its been a few months since he has written back. If hes not alright I wont be happy!! Tell that man he needs to email me once in a while so I know hes still alive. I think nathaniel is joining the marines or something but I havent heard from him either? who is nate dating?

 I like my glasses haha its funny because I always ask people how old they think I am and they always say around 30 to 25 and I wore my glasses friday and a girl said I looked 16 or 17 haha so they do make me look small. 

The pictures I sent are a little crazy. Elder Anderson tried to pull a prank on me and put a dogs head on my desk haha that probably should be something I should be grossed out about haha. Well Elder Kamara (my MTC mate) bought dog and so we ate dog. The other picture is of two snails that I bought and cooked. I wanted to try it and so I breaded it. It tasted kind of like abalone.. The next day I got a free meal with snail in it too haha not bad. so other than that nothing too special happened. Just working hard and wondering what will happen this transfer.

 I love you 
Elder Dahlin (your son)

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