Monday, September 16, 2013

mission life

So saturday we did an awesome service project with all the members in Liberia. Mormon helping hands. We walked the street and cut the grass with cutlaces and swept it all. It was a lot of fun and lots of good work. I miss working hard like that :( We cleaned up in front of the Presidents house too which is kind of cool.. This week has been great just working hard.

 Im not sure what transfer news is going to be like but if I leave this area I want to finish all my work here so im working on setting it up well for the next missionary. I might stay though but we will see! Its weird to realize youre getting older.. Its just fun to look back and see all the things you have been able to change and the person that im becoming. Mission life is sweet and not easy. I definitely have a new respect for returned missionaries if they put their all into it.

 About three months ago I baptized this girl named A****, I think shes sixteen years old and every other day I would go to the Z**** families house and teach there. The Z*** are my family in this area and I love them and consider A**** to be like Sophia. Just an awesome little sister. Just a few weeks after I baptized her an old guy paid for her to be married to him.. So she was taken from the family and was married at the age of 16.. I say this because I went to the Z*** yesterday and saw here there. It was really hard to hold it in because all I wanted to do was cry like a baby. I gave here a blessing and stayed for a little while and then she had to go back. 

Sorry im saying this but I guess mission life gets more personal the older you get. Ive learned a lot and have learned to care more about people. These people have a long way to go but its great to help them on that way.

 I love you all and Im grateful for our family and how blessed we are. If theres one word of advice I guess I could give it would be to always make the effort to show you care about each person. Not anything new but sometimes we can get caught up in the things we are working on and forget those around us.
Alright I hope you have a great week and stay safe! love you all!
Elder Dahlin

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