Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hey mom!! 

I am very jealous you of your marshmallows and it seems like in the background of one of the pictures you had made cookies.. The thing I want the most though is REAL milk! have you ever tried powdered milk?? Thats all Ive had for 7 months and its not the best.. I would pay a lot to drink some milk haha

 im glad Marvin is trying  Its probably pretty crazy to be put in a completely different culture. 

 I usually see President every week because we are always baptizing people in my district that need him to interview them.. So usually once a week he comes to visit. The service project I sent pictures of was awesome. We did it again on friday except this time we had the whole zone of over 20 missionaries come. The bags we are carrying are full of saw dust. We would fill them and then carry them to a few members and investigators houses. The houses you buy a Lot of water then you have to fill the Lot with dirt. Its next to a river so sometimes it gets flooded and the saw dust helps them not sink in the dirt. It was an awesome service project and its fun to get dirty and work hard. The mill we got the saw dust from made me miss home and farming...

 My district is doing really well. I took Elder kamara on an exchange to my area and it was great to see my MTC and how great hes doing! On sundays we come in a little earlier so we can send our numbers in and yesterday I had a little devotional with them. Each person told a spiritual experience that would benefit each on of us and it was a great experience. So I found a scripture that was making fun of Elder Anderson but It sounds pretty funny. It would have been funny to have this on my plaque: Alma 10:4 haha good one. 

You asked what I wanted in my package, Im not sure what you meant by a folder? but I definitely need Memory cards or at least one big one. I want to be able to take pictures. If you cant send a big knife a small one would be nice, just a pocket knife. Ive been running around all week.. 

Monday I went to sinkor (town) tuesday I had an exchange with the zone leaders, wednesday we went and got our subsistance so back to town, thursday I had leadership training for zone leaders and district leader, friday we had a zone service project, and saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Kamara. Its been a busy week and I actually took a nap today.. haha Anyway I love exchanges and all that good stuff. I will talk to you next week! I hope everything stays great at home!

Elder Dahlin

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