Monday, September 30, 2013

"small small" "yeah-o" "how di day?"

Hey mom!!!
How you coming on? how di day? the day alright? Im coming on small small. haha just kidding :) Thats some of our language for you. Im glad to here all about home and the dogs. I would love to jump in a pool... haha

 The conference with Elder Vinson was so great. The APs talked then President and his wife then Elder Vinson and his wife too. So it was a long conference and everyone was very hungry. Its crazy how much rice you can eat in Liberia. It is also really nice to get some meat in a meal haha. 

Thats awesome that you read Elder Skousons blog because I think they look at mine too! It would be awesome to hangout with him after the mission. We had that feeling that maybe we would be companions one day.. 

We got transfer news and Elder Skouson is our new AP and now I am a Zone Leader! I felt like so much stress was lifted off my back but at the same time Zone Leaders have a lot more responsibility. District Leader you are the only one in an apartment, a Zone Leader has a companion that is a Zone Leader too so you can do all the work and give instruction at meeting and stuff. I am staying in my area which is so awesome because my zone is going to be split into two more branches so there is so much potential and work here to be done. So yeah my new calling. It no small thing-o! My second son is going to caldwell with a new companion so im sure he will do great. My first son is leaving to become companions with my father! and my sons son is going to have a son... hahaha so my lineage on mission is getting bigger! Im a great grandpa!
Teaching this week has been great. I love working hard and we baptized an old man saturday, Brother Kamara, who walked about 3 miles to come and be baptized. He is crazy happy and was very happy I wasnt leaving this transfer. I had said that this felt like my home on mission so I feel like I will stay a few more transfers here. I felt bad because Elder Falemai was saying he was going to miss this place and some families and I was very excited.. haha
Anyway im glad everything is going great at home and Im glad dad had a safe ride to Reno. About the SEALs and Texas A&M I am planning on working right when I get home then getting my associates at BYU-I then moving to Texas for it. So it would be two years at A&M. Another thing is im sorry I always think of things after you send a package.. but I would love a book called "A Day of Defense" and the life and teaching of the prophet Joseph Smith. I would love to be able to read every book about the gospel on my mission. I am so glad we have so many hours at night to be able to read. The sad thing about being a Zone Leader is that I travel a lot more into town. So I am going to really learn how to budget the $140 of sub with at least $50 of that for travel.. haha 

Alright well I should go. I am happy to email today :) My new companion is black, I dont think I will ever get a white companion haha ! Have a great week! I miss you and do miss all the talks that we had. I feel like letters I write help to show how im feeling so I will be writing more letters! love you!!
Elias Dahlin

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  1. Loved to see your son email today. We haven't received an email from Elder Skouson so nice to hear whats going on with him. I can't wait for the life long friendship that these boys will have!! The Skouson's