Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey Dad!
Well im really jealous of paddle boarding. I cant imagine getting in water... Even though right now its raining like crazy and its kind of cold. 
That will be awesome to see Lanette!! I got a letter from her a while ago that was pretty great. 
A sling shot would be a lot of fun, there are always lizards I want to kill but I dont have any weapons!

Lately the mission has been crazy, on wednesday we had conference with president Kirkham which was great. He will make the work move along so fast. The transfer news I got yesterday really shows how much he will make this mission grow. So we got transfer news and I will be training another missionary just coming on mission! (My second son) My first son will be training also and he will split a new area which means there will be two more missionaries in my district. So my district is almost the size of the last zone I was in haha 
The sad news is that Elder Skouson is leaving my district, he is an awesome guy that I will for sure want to stay in contact with my whole life. He lives in Vegas so he will have to come to california. This was a very short transfer, only a month, but you can really get to know someone in a month. 
I will send some pictures to show you what I did on the fourth of july. Not once did I get called china man which is a change up. 
This week has really made me learn those things I need to work on as a person and as a leader and father. They are definitely things that I am happy to work on and grateful for this chance to do it. The hardest two years but the best two years for life. I know that I have changed in a few ways. I know that I am a stronger advocate of the gospel and a more confident person in the things I need and want in life. It will be great to continue to apply the things ive learned so that when I get back I can be a more effective and productive person. I feel like if you go on a mission to just doing the things required it wont benefit you in any way. There is a set of scriptures in D&C 58 but I forgot the verse that are great to help me to understand to work hard for myself. If I lead I have to work to be that example. 
Anyway... Its been great to learn, I love president Kirkham and im excited for my new district. Everyone will be training so there will be a lot of greenies. I wonder if my companion will be black or white! I get him on friday! love you and I hope you have another great week! 
Elder Dahlin

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