Monday, July 29, 2013

it sounds like so much is going on at home!! I forgot about Ashley getting married!! you have to send me pictures of that :( Well thank you for telling me everything. Even if I forget to reply to a few things I love hearing about them. 

Its funny that you say I shouldn't forget to really listen. That was all my district meeting was about this week and ive been focusing on that with my companion. He is really bad at English so President told us to do an extra hour of language study! so that means almost 3 hours of companion study every day!! crazy but it will be so good for us. 

So nothing too exciting this week but just a lot of contacting. We are baptizing all our investigators soon so we have been finding more people. I love teaching a first lesson and inviting to baptism, it really shows the power of the Holy Ghost. That is part of the culture of this mission to invite every time on the first visit. So this saturday we are baptizing this family which is awesome! First real family! 

So Elder Anderson and I started working out together which will be sweet. Its because this lady makes muffins every day and we eat too many... SO we are making a muffin challenge, where if you dont do the workout you cant have a muffin.. hahaha so fat. Its fun to get age on mission because I already have a grandson!

 Ive been meaning to ask a question, Is it good to have a coconut everyday? I have a coconut every day and sometimes I eat avocados.. I am getting better at budgeting my money so that I can be healthier.. anyway its all fun. Everything at home seems crazy and awesome. Dont get sick! I love you all!
Elder Dahlin

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