Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1st 2013

Hey Mom!
Im glad you got the letter :) Yeah I think you are right about the obedience and serving haha because whenever theres extra time its not fun to think. well im sorry you guys are enduring the heat... its been pretty nice lately here.

 I got grandmas package by the way!!! it was everything that I wanted and was in need of. Grandma has inspired packages. Well you can be happy to think about the heat your in compared to this one, all our pillows grow mold and we sleep under nets every night! brushing your teeth with no sink is easy! haha thats how its done... It will be weird to go back to having a sink.
So I will for sure eat rice when I come home because I have to cook some Liberian food for you all to eat. Maybe some palm butter or potatoe greens. 

This mission is pretty crazy and so is being district leader. I love directing the work that we do as a district though. We had baptisms saturday and after we did a service project at papa isaacs house. When he came up out of the water he paused with his eyes closed for about three seconds, opened his eyes and uttered the words "thank God". It was great and I definitely wrote that one down. I will also have to send you a video of us doing the service project. We cut down a palm tree :) Lots and lots of red ants and spiders the size of your hand. A few of us went to a birthday party yesterday for an fm and it was awesome. Its weird to have good music playing and seeing people have a lot of fun... Kind of cool to see. We have so many people that are ready for baptism its awesome. I wont tell you the number but we have a lot of baptisms this month haha

 I miss you guys and hope the heat isnt too crazy! We have a conference with president Kirkham wednesday with all of Liberia which will be awesome. I get to see all the Elders I left in my last zone. Alright I will talk to you next week!
Elder Dahlin

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