Monday, July 22, 2013

Mom and Dad,

I always think about you both and what you have shown me over the years. You raised me to be the person to lift others up. To be self reliant and to be able to know the way because thats how it is. For me now as a person I can see a new situation and make a judgment call that is good and hopefully righteous. Ive learned there is not much you need in life, actually there is not a need in the world besides your family. What makes it fun is when I was reading my scriptures last night I started to pass out. Elder Anderson said "you look like my dad" and I said this is exactly what my dad does too! without thinking haha So what im trying to say is that have taken in the things I have been taught my whole life and now ive been able to apply them. Thank you for teaching me in the right way, so that im not a 2 peter 2:16. I see it how it is and I am proud to become like my parents. I want a lot in life and now I can see how to overcome some trials. 

What was great was teaching yesterday. I was teaching (because my son cant speak or understand at all) and sister rose asked us to pray for her while she was traveling. I gave her a scripture that told her that I am always praying for her. I realize that is very true, I care about these people and I care about everyone at home. Even though Im far away nothing has changed in that aspect. Maybe it has changed in the sense that ive realized I care but I always have. Its just fun to learn and grow. The missionaries in my district might not think I care right now since ive had to chastise so much but I guess thats the way I am telling them I love them. The day always is better when you serve another. 

So this week we did have a service project and it was awesome. We helped wheel dirt onto an island so he could have a garden. After the project the wife cooked some breadfruit and there was a yellow substance next to it. I asked "whats thats??"... It was margarine!!!! I forgot what that looked like!!! ohh mann Im going to be weird when I come home haha im so glad to have some Americans in the apartment... So another weird thing is that I learned how to solve a rubiks cube this week and now I can solve it within 5 minutes every time haha so I would love a rubiks cube.... :) And I want to have crazy workouts on mondays!   Alright well I love you both and I am happy to work hard for my salvation and for others. I know that the blessing that come from this work does not only affect me but those that are around me and those that are making a sacrifice for it too. 
Elder Dahlin (Your son)

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