Monday, August 5, 2013

Well it seems like a lot is still going on at home! I love the chances I get to work and workout so I wish I was able to help on the backyard. President Kirkham has told me that he has them but im not sure if my glasses are unpacked yet. I got the soccer ball thank you! Lil told me about the book fearless and I would love to read it. Im not sure if you are writing down these things that I need to see and do and shoot for when I get home so should I start writing them?? Yeah giving talks on the spot is not the as big of a thing for me anymore. It seems like every sunday they give me a manual when the class has already started and then they ask me to teach it haha good stuff. Marriage is a good topic! good deep doctrine in D&C 131.
So lately its been a lot of fun with the food im eating. Elder Anderson and I have been pitching in and buying good stuff to eat. We have granola, pancakes, pb and js and of course always eggs. 2 bananas, 1 coconut, and 1 avocado everyday :) Good stuff. 

The baptisms went really well saturday. Only one wasnt baptized because he was late. So another thing that happened this week.... The Elders have been saying that my hair is black!!! noooo its brown! haha I really feel like dad right now when we told him his hair is black... Im still not accepting it. 

Just so everyone has a heads up about the Dear Elder you can now pick Liberia because its an official mission.

 I have to tell you about one lesson that I had this week that really taught me how important it is to listen. So this girl is about 21 years old and her name is Grace. So Grace knows the church is true agreed to be baptized but told us she wasnt ready. We had no idea why and all of the sudden she stopped coming to church. We started focusing on her little sister because she really wants to be baptized. One day we caught grace without her group of sisters so we had a lesson with her. I told her that her sister was getting baptized and then told her the blessings of baptism and how we wanted that for her too. I invited her to baptism again and she agreed but not for this next week. After she said that there were a few pauses for at least two minutes. My companion started looking at me probably wondering why I wasnt saying anything. The spirit was so strong and it was just listening silently to know why and what was making her push it. The answer was so strong and so crazy it definitely caught me off guard. I said "There are two reasons why you are hesitant. One, you are scared of the water. Two, youre pregnant..." It was such a spiritual experience and we were able to teach about forgiveness and it really did strengthen my testimony of forgiveness. Crazy and awesome how the Lord loves each one of us. Anyway, its awesone and ill send you a few pictures. I love you all!
Elder Dahlin

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