Monday, August 26, 2013

i need some stuff

Hey mom!
Alirhgt so before I talk about the week I will say the things that I think I need... Well I received the package from grandma and it was awesome!! Even though the rats ate the whole package so they put it in a different box for me haha I really love the hand sanitizer and wet ones, The soap was great but I have that exact soap here that I can get so I dont need that. Thank you for the contact solution!!! so awesome. 

So there are a few things ive needed and wanted since ive been here and so here is my list of things that I really do want. I would love a few memory cards... mine is full already. I could really us some jack3d so I can feel better working out and it would be just really nice to have. I need a big knife that I can cut my coconuts open with since I might be sent to the bush and I eat a coconut every day. A pocket knife would be perfect too since I always have a situation to us one.. My line of priesthood authority would be awesome! 

and I dont have any plain shirts that I can just wear around and in the apartment. So I would love a few plain t-shirts and v-necks. please not Large shirts but medium. Alright... Sorry if that is a big list and very specific.. But ive wanted all of that for a while and now these are the things I want.. Of course more candy from my awesome grandma too... haha
So im just still amazed that you have an exchange student! what has happened since ive been gone! only 7 months... haha Well dont kill him and try not to overwhelm him...

So this week was a crazy week. Not too much happened but there are always crazy things going on in Liberia. My MTC is in my apartment now! Elder Kamara is awesome and its cool to see how much he has grown and how happy the gospel has made him. Its cool to see missionaries you are growning up with progress. I want to learn more! it never ends haha So yes Im still eating a coconut every day and its awesome. How expensive are they at home? I get one for 25LD haha I will send you pictures of us doing a service project this time and of my district. I am still training Elder Falemai and have been really trying to help him in his language.. "it not easy-o!" the language here is bad and so its hard to learn good english! 

haha well I love you all and I hope you are having fun with German mann. Tell him hes my brother and he can email any time.
Elder Dahlin

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